A back style like deathstrokes

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  1. I have retired my Guardian style for the time being and decided to make Deathstroke into a hero. Me being the replica beast that I am I am looking for a back piece to finish it off. I know deathstroke carries around swords on his back and thats what I'm looking for. I have the new genesis legs (there aren't any with a pouch), military tech belt, clean cuffed boots, trimmed gloves, deathstrokes bandolier, and a full slimline mask. Due to the limitations of the game with the legs, facemask, and back this replica won't look exactly like deathstroke but it's close as it can get. pictures coming soon and thanks for any advice on how to make him better.
  2. Based on what you're describing I think we have a common look for our Deathstroke attempts.
    Here is mine: Video
    The Military style back pecie or even the Tech Ninja back peice are semi passable substitutions until they release more accurate styles down the line. Also the Sharpshooter and Aeronaut style legs are passable for a Deathstroke attempt as well.
  3. Winged fury legs don't look too bad with pouches
  4. you can throw on the Split Personality face piece to make your mask look more like deathstrokes. its not perfect, but it inches you closer to the look.

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