A couple questions about going from PC to PS3

Discussion in 'PS' started by Mister Fox, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Mister Fox New Member

    I really like DCUO, but when I was browsing the forums tonight, I found out that the PS3 side of the game is more popular than the PC side, unfortunately for me -- since I'm a legendary member for the PC.

    I've got a couple questions:

    1. What's the equivalent of legendary for PS3? (I mean how would I get it, etc)

    2. Are people friendlier on the PS3? (I always see people insulting each other in LFG and Trade)

    3. Are there many significant differences between the two platforms? (I already play PC with a controller, so that's no big deal for me)

  2. Statman Well-Known Member

    1. It's exactly the same, price and value. The only difference is there is no link to your Station account, but to PSN. That means no Station Cash - but we have Loyalty Points in place. No sales on those though.

    2. I haven't seen how un/friendly the PC side is, but there's a reasonable amount of insulting going on, but I've turned my shout and LFG off in my default tab so I don't have to read it.

    3. If you play with a controller on PC, I can't forsee any real differences. Maybe a little in your controller set up. Apart from that... lag. PS3 version is a lot slower due to the limited RAM inside of the PS3, PC does not have this limitation. It mostly equates to rendering times, visual quality, etc.
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  3. Mister Fox New Member

    Oh dear -- alright. I'm downloading it on my PS3 now, so I figure I'll be able to try it out later today. Thanks!

    (I will also get REALLY DEPRESSED if my name is taken)
  4. ICYHURR Member

    Prepared to be disappointed lol j/p
  5. SpagTheTapdancer Active Member

    better make sure your TV isn't a relic. this game doesn't work too well with the oldies.
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  6. recespieces31 Well-Known Member

    The game has a hard time on the PS3
  7. SpagTheTapdancer Active Member

    eh, my household only has one HDTV that my roommate uses predominately as a monitor. the other one we have...
    well, it looks sorta like that. it was inherited from his parents and they've had it around 8 years. basically, my point is that this game scales terribly with standard definition televisions. oftentimes the minimap itself will be partially offscreen, and the ps3 isn't very well equipped to compensate for this. if you don't have an HDTV or plans to get one soon, moving to PS3 is not a good idea. then again...people with this issue should be rare anyway, so whatever. it's 2013 afterall.
  8. Mister Fox New Member

    Thankfully, I've got an HDTV -- I used it for my monitor when I would run around kneeing people in the face on the PC.

    Speaking of which, what's the PS3 resolution? Can you change it?
  9. Mister Fox New Member

    Bit of a double post, sorry, but I'm glad to find that my character name was not taken!

    I can't change the resolution, but that's fine. Thanks a lot to all of you who helped!

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