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  1. After searching for quite a while on how to 'gear up' for end game content after 30, I found little results.
    So I decided to help out, and took what I could from what I did find and put it all together here. Hope someone finds it helpful.
    First off, lets look at the stats our gear provide.

    Defense - This is your PvE defense stat. It directly impacts the amount of damage your character takes when hit by mobs and enemies in PvE combat, meaning raids, duos, missions and the like. This stat scales with level, in other words in order to mitigate damage by 1% you will need appx 71 points of defense at level 30. At lower levels, less defense is required for that 1% mitigation. You can get additional points of defense from the staff and bow weapon trees.
    Toughness - This is your PvP defense stat. Works almost as a mirror of Defense, but only for damage from other players, meaning arenas and open world raids etc. The scaling is almost exactly the same as defense, where 71 points of toughness grants appx 1% mitigation from player damage at 30. You can get additional points of toughness from the staff and bow weapon trees.
    Health - This is your hit points stat, or the 'green bar'. The green bar keeps you alive longer when this stat is high. Pretty basic. Two handed and Rifle weapon trees give you additional health.
    Might - This is the damage stat for powers. The scaling is around 1% extra base power damage per 4 points of might. This is an obvious choice of stats for a DPS character. You can get additional points of might in the One handed and Martial arts and Dual Pistols weapon trees.
    Precision - This is the damage stat for weapons. About 10 points of Precision will boost your weapon damage by appx 1 dps. All weapons enjoy the same dps increase. Another good choice for DPS characters, but usually have to trade off between precision or might on gear. Weapon trees don't give a bonus to Precision.
    Power - This is your energy or the 'blue bar'. This stat is required to use your powers, the more of it you have the more powers can be used. It is also requried to break free from stuns/holds. Weapon trees don't give a bonus to Power.
    Dominance - This is the 'control' stat. Basically the more dominance you have the more damage your controlled mob must take to break from from stuns/holds. The scaling is around 2 points of Dominance to one point of additional damage taken before control breaks. It is currently believed to not work as intended though, as a high dominance doesn't seem to have much effect in combat right now. Brawling, Staff, Hand Blaster or Dual wield trees can increase your Dominance.
    Restoration - This is the healing stat. Similar to might, the more Resto the more powerful the heal. The scaling is about 4 points to improve healing by 1%. Martial Arts, Dual Wield and Dual Pistol trees can increase your Resto.
    Vitalization - This is the power regeneration stat. Important for controllers, as they are our power batteries. 10 points of Vit to 1% increased power regen. Two handed, Rifle, One Handed and Dual Pistol trees can increase your Vit.

    Basically, gear is obtained by earning the right currency and buying the gear. Most of the 30 gear is purchased from vendors in the Watchtower or the Hall of Doom. But some of the PvP gear is only available at the green lantern corps when your faction is in control of the Ring War battle zone.
    Here is a basic rundown of the currency needed, and how to get it.
    Influence - Any time you enter an Arena or Legends battle, you gain influence, win or lose. You get more for winning of course, but you get some either way. You can use influence alone to buy level 19, 24 blue PvP gear in Midtown, or level 30 blue PvP gear from vendors in the Watchtower and Hall of Doom. Playing in Legends arenas also grant Marks of Legend, which you can use to buy additional characters to play with in the Legends arenas, but they can't be used for gear.
    Marks of Victory - Once you reach level 30, you start earning this currency with every Arena and Legends match. Marks of Victory are used to buy Purple PvP gear from Green Lanter Corps at the Ring War, or vendors in the Watchtower and Hall of Doom. This is currently the best PvP gear attainable in the game.
    PVE gear is paid for with the following marks + Cash.
    Marks of Triumph - Once you reach 30, you will obtain this currency from Duos, Hard Mode alerts and raids. You can also exchange 10 Marks of Allegiance for 1 Mark of Triumph. You can buy tier 1 PvE gear with this currency in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom.
    Marks of Distinction - Typically once you have a full set of tier 1 PvE gear, you will be able to complete hard mode 'star' raids and duos. While you can enter the hard mode raids and alerts without T1 gear, these are much more difficult and some find impossible to complete. Starred duos will award you 1 Mark of Distinction as a bonus and starred Alerts will award you 2 Marks of Distinction as a bonus. Marks of Distinction are used to buy tier 2 PvE gear, currently the best PvE gear, and by far the best DPS gear in the game.
    Marks of Allegiance - These are awarded from some daily quests and instances at level 30. They can be used to buy general non role specific gear or can be converted into Marks of Triumph. When completing some Daily Quests or Challenges you will receive Marks of Allegiance and gain Tech/Meta/Magic Renown, depending on the Challenges. You must be of highest Renown in order to buy the MoAllegiance Armor Set, and complete the Double Star Rank feat.
    So in a Nutshell:
    Influence (Skull) - Legends, Arenas - PvP Gear
    Mark of Victory (Fist) - Legends, Arenas, Ring War - PvP Gear
    Mark of Legend (Eagle) - Legends, Arenas - Legends Character Unlocks
    Mark of Allegiance (Wings) - Challenges - PvE Gear
    Mark of Triumph - ( Wings) - Hard Alerts, Duos - Tier 1 Gear
    Mark of Distinction (Wings) - Raids - Tier 2 Gear

    Midtown Metropolis heros & villains - each have a vendor in the midtown station/hideout that sells level 19 and 24 blue PvP gear that can be bought with cash and influence. This includes weapons, head gear, shoulders, rings, and neck.
    Metropolis Ring War near LexCorp Tower - when your faction wins the Ring War, you will have access to a Green Lantern/Sinestro corp vendor that sells purple PvP weapons and Chest gear (trench coats) for Marks of Victory and Cash
    Watchtower/Hall of Doom - in the war room, there is a kioske that gives access to additional characters you can buy to unlock and play with in Legends PvP. These are bought with Marks of Legends.
    Watchtower/Hallof Doom - in each wing, Tech, Meta, Magic, there are displayed suits of armor that is class specific. Typically the T2 gear is in the center, when you enter your wing. Just to the left and right are hallways the go UPSTAIRS. On the left side is your T1 PvE gear. On the right side is your Iconic PvP gear. Power Girl sells T2 in the Meta Wing.
    Blue PvP gear is found in the floors below the Meta Wing, near the Power Core. If you follow the DOWNSTAIRS hallways that go below the main floor of the Meta Wing, you will see a large 'orange' energy core. Cyborg and Hawkman are standing between two kiosks, and each one sells PvP gear you can buy with influence and cash, and others you need Marks of Victory to buy. Both blue and purple gear is found at these kiosks, the blue generally cost influence, the purple cost MoV.
    There are also vendors that sell MoA PvE gear, and other trinkets and sodas and such. Wondergirl sells blue PvE gear for Marks of Allegiance in the Magic Wing.This is all basic info, and I know there is a lot more to go into. But I hope this helps anyone trying to wrap their head around the end game gear thats available now. If I made mistakes, don't hesitate to correct me. This is mostly pulled from random sources on the forums and my own experience.
    Also, not Certain on all locations of all the vendors. Do some exploring of your wing of the Watchtower, and you should be able to find everything.
    Thx Super_Dax for your help
    And Thx all for your contributions.
  2. Shaolinwind wrote:
    Nice, here are some notes
    • Instead of "several MoA for one MoT" change to 10 Moh for 1 MoT
    • PvE gear costs Marks of A or T or D + Cash
    • "Typically once you have a full set of tier 1 PvE gear, you can start doign the hard mode 'star' raids and duos. These are much more difficult, and will award you Marks of Distinction rather than Triumph." is not acccurate.
      • Anyone in any gear can do the *Starred* hard alerts. You get Marks of Triumph from the *starred* HAs and Duos regardless of the star. You get a Mark of Distinction as a bonus for the star, 1 for duo, 2 for Hard Alerts
    • Marks of Allegiance gear is *not* cosmetic. They do have Blue level 30 stats, albeit not nearly as good as the tier 1. They are "generic" stat bonuses and not role based, so they actually might help some people looking for general boosts in things like DPS or Might, the tier 1 gear has a much larger stat bonus overall, but usually a hit if you choose role specific gear.
      • Getting marks of Allegiance also nets you Faction
      • You need highest faction to complete the MoAllegiance armor set
      • completing MoA armor set gets you a Double star ranked Feat complete
  3. Super_Dax_Again wrote:
    Good info!
    Thx, will update.
  4. Great post. Should get a sticky.
  5. Good info here. Thanks for taking the time to post this!
    On a side note, does anyone know if there's a thread that gives stats for Tier 1 and Tier 2 gear? I'd appreciate a link if you know of one. Thanks!
  6. im new to this game and i was wondering what mark the skulls were i have 3 and it says i ened 250 for a armor peice
  7. Thanks for the info. I just hit 30 last night and was a little overwhelmed. I was trying to figure out why some of my duos, alerts have stars by them. And what each mark means. The game could have explained it a whole lot better.
  8. @Justinsane - skulls are influence. Need to do arenas/legends to gain more influence.

    Something I'm trying to find - if anyone has info: Where are the PvP and PvE vendors located? I know of the following:
    Midtown Metropolis heros & villains - each have a vendor in the midtown hideout that sells level 19 and 24 blue PvP gear that can be bought with cash and influence. This includes weapons, head gear, shoulders, rings, and neck.
    Metropolis Ring War near LexCorp Tower - when your faction wins the Ring War, you will have access to a Green Lantern/Sinestro corp vendor that sells PvP weapons and Chest gear (trench coats) for Marks of Victory and Cash
    Watchtower/Hall of Doom - in the war room, there is a kioske that gives access to additional characters you can buy to unlock and play with in Legends PvP. These are bought with Marks of Legends.
    Watchtower/Hallof Doom - in each wing, Tech, Meta, Magic, there is a displayed suit of armor that is class specific. This is your iconic PvE gear, that is bought with marks of Triumph or Distinction.
    I know there is Iconic PvP gear, and Tier 2 PvE gear, just not sure where the vendors are located. Also there are vendors that sell Level 30 blues I am also unsure of their whereabouts. If anyone has information, that would be helpful. Thx much.
  9. Shaolinwind wrote:
    Teir 2 PVE is the same as Tier 1. For instance you go to the magic wing in WT> Upstairs to the right is Tier 1 PVE sold by Raven. Go back downstairs to the main wing, right in the middle is Donna Troy selling Tier 2 PVE
    Level 30 Blue Marks of Allegiance gear is also in the wings. Wonder Girl sells it for the Magic Wing. right downstairs from the Tier 2 gear etc... In the meta wing it's the dude off to the side of Super Girl who sells Level 30 Blue Faction gear etc..
    Also you can buy MK Soder for 3 Marks of Allegiance. MK Soder is like Soder Extreme on steroids. Worth it for raids but not duos/hard alerts
  10. Hi Shaolinwind,
    This is great and would be very helpful for people either new to DCUO and/or MMOs.
    Just one thing from me:

    You mentioned in the Marks of Allegiance, that "Gaining Marks of Allegiance also gains you Faction".

    Correct me if I'm wrong however I don't necessarily think we gain faction simply by gaining Marks of Allegiance - unless I've been missing out and not checking my combat logs properly. I think the right word for it is that something along the lines of "When completing some Daily Quests you will receive Marks of Allegiance and gain faction". Off the top of my head, an example I could think of is that if you finished Villain's Daily Quest where you save Harlequin by defeating Robin, I believe your Rogue faction is increased.
    Anyway, I'm curious myself and want to help out. I'll do all Daily Quests on Villains' side (with the exception of Stryker Island's Power Core Daily Quest - I couldn't seem to do that after numerous attempts LOL) and I can then let you know which specific Daily Quests lead to a gain on which faction and also by how much as well.
  11. Thx Pierrovski - ya the Faction and MoA come with the same quests/duos as far as I know.
    I'm not sure on which specific ones. But any help you provide is greatly appreciated :)
  12. Pierrovski wrote:
    Yes that is the better way to explain it.
    For Hero side
    Daily Solo Challenges are
    Poison Ivy - Gotham/Batman/Tech faction
    Harley - Gotham/Batman/Tech faction
    Toyman - Star Labs / Meta / Superman faction
    Dr Psycho - Star Labs / Meta / Superman faction
    Faust - Magic faction
    Raven - Magic faction
    Spectre - Magic faction
  13. justinsane wrote:
    Those are influence points. Influence points are used to buy generic PvP armor from where your PvP alert notifier is. I'm a villain so my armor vendor is right next to Black Adam in the meta hall. If you're a hero I would imagine it would be next to hawkman in the Watchtower.

    Influence gear is second best when it comes to PvP gear but I did the calculation and my toughness currently is 1761 but should I start persueing the acual Two face PvP gear (I'm a gadget char) I'd only gain 140 Toughness add to what i currently have and if you have ever gone after the marks for the PvP armor the MoV you gain 2 at a time and the PvP gear cost the most when it comes to marks. Can't see the real point other than maybe the acual costume pieces. Anyone else think the PvP armor is a bit expensive per PIECE?
  14. Super_Dax_Again wrote:
    First off it isn't called faction it is called renown; You earn renown for 3 different factions. From what I have seen, you don't gain renown from each daily only the ones in the differnt wings. So Toyman and Heroic/Villinous Acts don't give you renown. The Heroic/Villinous Acts don't give you Marks of Allegience either. You also gain renown from collecting Bounties. I get 125 renown from each of the Solo missions and 40 renown from each Bounty.
    Solo Missions and Bounties for renown (Hero)
    Poision Ivy - Wayne Tech
    Harley - Wayne Tech
    Dr Psycho - STAR Labs
    Spectre - STAR Labs
    Faust - Sentinals of Magic
    Rave - Sentinals of Magic
    Bizzaro - STAR Labs
    General Arkillo - STAR Labs (I think)
    General Kordax - STAR Labs (I think)
    Full House - Wayne Tech
    Solomon Grundy - Wayne Tech (I think)
    Clayface - Wayne Tech
    Minotaur - Sentinals of Magic
    Nepheritos - ???
    Judge - ???
    Killer Frost - ???

    Sorry I don't remember who all the bounties help.
  15. Vegihan wrote:
    Thanks for the correction, bummer about no faction from Toyman.
  16. Very helpful post. I'm really into the PVP side of the game and wanted to find the best places to get the PVP stuff. Thanks!

    Also, not sure if I missed this, but you mentioned you didn't know where the Iconic PVP gear is -- isn't it in the rooms that branch off from the main rooms of each wing? Like -- You have the PVE Tier 1 gear in the main wing, then there's two rooms branching left and right off from there -- one has Iconic PVE and the other is Iconic PVP, I believe. Sorry if my directions don't make sense .

    *Incidentally, is it just me, or does it seem like the Villains are always rolling the Heroes in the Ring wars? I don't think I've yet found a good strong group of heroes hanging there, yet there's always dozens of villains around (The Killing Joke). Is there a spot that the heroes are hanging at that I'm missing? I always see the villains grouped at that one boss mob that doles out massive damage any time you approach him. I haven't even seen the vendors in that area yet.
  17. updated with some additional location info.
    @xsid - in regards to heros v. villains - it all depends on when and where :) I've been on NML server mostly, and some days the villains are rolling through unstoppable, and some days the heros are laying the beatdown the entire day. Really depends on who is playing and when for the most part.
    GL and have fun gearing up! :D
  18. Thanks, but it does seem kinda hard to get gear in this game. :p
  19. Catwoman Solo gets Wayntech Reknown 125. Could also add in the Solo Challenges for chance at Purple Epic Rare Tier "0.5" gear. (epic purple rarity, stats worse than Tier 1)
  20. bump. this oughtta be stickied.

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