A question about the tank utility belt from vengeance

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  1. Why does it have four consumable slots? there is a group cool down, the bulldozer overwrites the lockbox potion and vice versa. is there a combination of sodas that do not invovle cooldown? if not, then four slots seem over kill
    also i may be wrong but do we still get the buffs from the trinkets when equipped in a utility slot?
    i would like answers, not opinions on why you like or dislike this dlc.
  2. From what I understand by having the utility belt equipped for ANY role, you do not get any of the buffs from the trinkets, only the stats... I don't get the point of having a utility belt and 4 trinkets and you don't get the buff of each trinket. talk about being gypped.
  3. *shrugs*
    So you can equip 4 soder stacks and never have to change?
    Sounds a bit dumb to me.
    From our quick testing, you only get the stat bonuses from the belt, and not from the trinkets at all.
    Which is why I only got the basic belt with my main and my DPS and not my healer and controllers.
  4. Wannabep wrote:
    i noticed the same but thought i may have been wrong. this may need to be fixed. i 'm not saying we need the stats but the bonuses should still be applied. if not why would there be a group cool down on trinkets? if should work the same for soda and lockbox drinks. if you have four consumable slots then different soda types should stack. meaning lockbox stacks with type 3's , mot stack type 3's on each other
  5. uriel wrote:
    Wait, isn't it if you use a trinket you still get the trinket bonuses (like using the FoS trinket will give me the health bonus)? I was just talking about equipping for the stats. It's just they will either over write, or won't over write. Can't remember exactly =D
    I've been using the seed pod and my CC trinket.
    As for the colas, IMO, yeah, it should be varied colas can be used. But, I can envisage the inherent problems it would create in PvP.
  6. Wannabep wrote:
    i haven't tried since i recieved the vengeance belt . it only has consumables. but the cheap buyable one didn't give me a bonus. but that was a couple days ago before latest fix.
  7. the tank utility belt is rediculous i also don't see a reason why there would be 4 consumable slots
  8. Only sodas and duplicate trinkets share a group cooldown right? IF so, then as I told my leaguemate, I guess the other slots are only useful for PvE Consumables (Doom Seeds, Inferno Module, etc) He's gotten two belts with the same slots. I've gotten one dps belt with 4 Wildcard slots which I believe is the best kind to have.
  9. Base stats from your trinkets are overridden by the utilty belt. But you still get the buff when you activate the trinket.
    i'll just use dps stats for example:

    base stats:

    CC trinket activation(390 prec, 343 might - 20sec):

    Mr boo activation(246 might - 20 sec):

    I can activate both at the same time, but whichever I activate last will override the first. The key is to activate one( I do Mr Boo), then when the effects wear off(20 sec), I activate the CC trinket and get it's full effects while Mr Boo is still up attacking.
  10. Don't know what belt you got but mines have one consumable and 3 wildcards slots. That's 3 different trinkets for me. From black raid.
  11. There are all kinds of possible utility belts. 4 consumables is not the only Tank one you can get, you're just unlucky.
    But you can always use Inferno Modules or Shield Generators for the other spots!
  12. Stats of a trinket arent applied while in the utility belt. However, If you have multiple trinkets (IE Fos, CC and BC trinkets), it can become pretty OP. Say you have all three trinkets equipped, pop one and get its effect, once it wears off, pop the second then rinse and repeat. And role specific belts have stats attached to them, so your stats will go even higher. As for the four soda slots.. all I have to say is... LoL!
  13. TheTez wrote:
    Yes what Tez said.
    I believe there are a few different belts that fall from the T4 raids and operations. The belt with the 4 consumable slots is the one that you cant put any type of trinket in. Pretty sure this is this worst of the bunch because of the fact that you cant put any trinket in. But there are some poeple out there that might like this more.
    As far as the cool downs go, all cola type sodas share a cooldown. Any consumable of the other type, like the inferno module & shield generator, share their own seperate cool down.
  14. It's a bit weird to get used to but kind of handy actually. Weekly/mothly consumables have a quick cooldown and can save your bacon much better than a soder can in certain situations. Personally I equip Shield Generator, Doom Seeds (6 sec encase), Bulldozer IV, and Stun Grenades.
    Ofc I would prefer a belt with at least one trinket and am hunting for one, but until then the 4x consumable has been treating me well.
  15. There are consumables other than Colas that can be useful in those slots:
    • Shield Generator
    • Inferno Module
    • Toxic Release Module
    • Incendiary Mine
    • Doom Seed
    • Holiday Consumables
    Most of these items have a very short cooldown (just like powers).
  16. RawDeal wrote:
    Ah OK, it';s for every individual ticket when activated, thx for clarifying... but when you get the trinket for your role, will it raise stats or decrease??
  17. Mepps can we get a comment on this. Is there another tank belt with 4 slots that has trinket and or wildcard spots. Four consumables is not cool yo. What am I suppposed to do with my actual tank trinket?

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