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  1. Ok, so I am fairly new at this and upon reading the forums and chat windows I am learning slowly what each abbreviation stands for (or think I do.) I looked on the forum search for all the different meanings for abbreviations used in the game and couldn't find one, so I thought it would be nice to start a thread for the noobs (such as I) since it all looks chinese to me.

    I have not added any because if I feel bad enough not knowing in the first place, and I don't want to misinform anyone because It's a guessing game for me.
  3. LSOD Loading screen of death
    MOD Marks of Distinction
    MOT Marks of Triumph
    MOK Marks of Kypton
    LF Looking for
    PUG Pick up group (Groups formed by random people who don't know one another in order to form a raid group).
  4. FOS - fortress of solitude raids.
    GLF - group looking for
    pvp - player versus player
    OBC - outer batcave
    HA - hard alerts
    t2's - t2 hard alerts.
    daily - daily hard alert (t1 or t2)
  5. HMA - Hard Mode Alert
    6T9 - The CR or number of SP you can't get through the filter
    GTG - Good to go (when grouping), Got to go (when un-grouping)
    LoA - League of Assassins T2 Alert
    DD - Diamond District
    LBH - Little Bohemia
    RW/DH - Ring War / Diamond Heist
    DC - (as in DC Universe) when someone disconnects
    WT - Watchtower
    HoD - Hall of Doom
    MoA - some sort of dinosaur?
    MoC - PvP marks
    MoL - something you have to sell twice to get PvP marks
    AoE - Area of Effect
    HoT - Heal over Time
    WW - Weather Wizard
    DW - Dual Wield
    AH - Auction House
    SC - Supercharge
    LQQMPP - **** and play
    TOW - Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided
    IBC - Inner
    BC3 - Sub
  6. SoylentBob wrote:
    dont forget " moms"
    or milfs whatever u wanna call em
  7. Dom - Dominance
    Vit - Vitalisation
    Resto - Restoration
    Def - Defense
    GS - Gear Score
    Sorc - Sorcery
    HL - Hard Light
    troll (troller) - controller class
    DPS - Damage per second
    Ninja - one who rolls "need" on items they don't need for their current role stats
    Pot (potting) - not to be confused with Power over time (PoT), the consumption of sodas, usually frowned upon in duels
  8. I see " what is DPS?" a lot, so...
    DPS: Damage Per Second. The stance you are in until level ten.
  9. CoP: Circle of Protection (Sorcery spell)
    BoS: Boon of Souls (Sorcery shield)
    IoR: Invocation of Renewal (Sorcery group heal)
    Wipe: Not really an abbreviation, just a failed attempt at a fight
    PVE: Player vs Environment
    NPC: Non-player character
    Geared: At least about 4 or 5 pieces of T2 armor (distinction)
    AoM: Avatar of Meta (final boss in FOS2)
    ARC: Armored robotic custodian (arguably the most glitchy boss in BC2)
  10. What does PBG and GOT mean please ?
  11. PBG= Prime Battle Ground
    GoT= Gates of Tartarus
    The Tier 4 raids
  12. Some more abbreviations:
    • WW- Weather Wizard
    • CC- Captain Cold
    • Top- The Top
    • HW- Heat Wave
    • Boom- Captain Boomerang
    • PP- Pied Piper (This abbreviation comes out wrong for those perverted minds)
    • Trick- Trickster
    • GTG- Good to Go (In this game at least)
  13. Cyberian_Psycho wrote:
    It should be Damage because everyone can do damage per second lol Or DD for damage dealer i am used to that term
  14. CC Central City (DLC)
    KF Kid Flash
    DT Donna Troy
    SF Starfire
  15. See the problem?
    CC = Captain Cold e.g. cc under deathstroke
    CC = Central City e.g. lf group cc bounties
    fortunately, no one says CC for Coast City
    WW = Wonder Woman e.g. can ww mentor let me in electronics
    WW = Weather Wizard e.g. ww in parking lot
  16. SoylentBob wrote:
    That is why you say "cc is up" and weather wizard isn't a mentor so that's kinda obvious
  17. SoylentBob wrote:
    CC = crowd control as well so it takes some players a few seconds to get the context clues
    PVP/PVE player versus player/environment
    weapons: MA-martialarts DW-dualwield 2h-2handed 1h-1handed DP-dualpistols HB-handblasters
    movements: SS-superspeed acro-acrobat
    PUGing: CR-combat rating SP-skill points EXP-experienced or expert (you see these a lot when shouting in HQ about prime)
    alerts: LL-loot locked VTK-vote to kick INV-invite
    $: AH-auction house RnD-research&development WTT/WTB/WTS-want to trade/buy/sell (although i still get confused on WTT if the first item they list is what they have and the second item they list is what they are looking for)
  18. SoylentBob wrote:
    Lol kinda makes me feel old
  19. MOT = money over time.
  20. Here are a list of generic abbreviations used in not only DCUO but other MMO and MMORPG's

    ALT - Alternate character/toon a player has that he also levels up/plays with.
    AOE or AGA or AE - Area of effect / Area Effect
    AFAIK - As far as I know
    AH or BH - Broker/Auction house
    AFK - Away from Keyboard/away from game
    BUFF - Temporary boost to character attribute or combat ability
    BRB - Be right back
    BRT - Be right There
    BB - Bye Bye
    BS - Bull S*IT
    CRIT - “To crit” refers to landing a critical hit either with melee or spells
    DD - Damage Dealer
    DoT - Damage over Time
    DPS - Damage per second
    Dc'd - Disconnected (quite a common one in DCUO LOL)
    EP - Easy Prey (used for easy kills of mobs or other players)
    Fish - another name for mobs (mainly used my the japanese)
    FTW - For The Win!
    FTL - For the Loss
    FL - Friends List
    Farm - the process of repeatedly killing mobs to get specific drops
    GG - good good
    GTG or G2G - Got to go
    GL - Good Luck
    HoT - Healing over Time
    IMO or IMHO - In my opinion / In my humble opinion
    IRL - In real life
    K - Okay
    KL - Kool/Cool
    KK - Okay or Cool
    KITE - To lure a mob or player around while attacking or allowing allies to attack. A player usually draws aggro by casting a mobility reduction spell on the target. The monster tries to follow the target but cannot catch up, leaving it open to attacks or the effects of DoT (damage over time) spells.
    LAG - refers to slower internet (and thereby game) speed due to high server usage (lots of people on at one time)
    LFG - Looking for Group
    LOL - Laugh out Loud
    LM*O = Laugh my *ss off
    LMF*O - Laugh my f *ss off
    LEET - short slang for ELITE
    MT - Must /tell (example - used when you say something in /shout but you meant to send it as a /tell)
    MULE - An alternate character/toon created expressly for carrying excess items and gear. (usually used for storing sellable items farmed like collections and gear.
    Nerf - to weaken or make less dangerous in the interest of game balance
    Noob or Newb - a non-derogatory term for a person that is new to the world of DCUO or MMORPG's
    NIN or Ninja - a non-derogatory term for a person that 'Needs' on items that he cannot equip/use. (this is also used in excess to describe someone who 'needs on an item that isnt on thier current role, eventhough they can actually equip/use it)
    NP - No probelm
    NPC - Non player character
    NVM - Nevermind
    OMG (another abbreviation has an added F) - Oh my God (etc...)
    ODT - On Duty Tab
    PWND - Leetspeak for the English word Owned
    PUG - Pick up Group - a group assembled on the spot for a quest, a PvP battle, or an instance raid
    PoT - Power over Time
    POP - when a mob spawns
    PULL - the act of luring the mob back to camp or a certain spot where the rest of the group attack it.
    PvE - Player vs. Environment. Environment stands for all monsters (mobs) in the game world.
    PvP - Player vs. Player combat.
    ROFL - Roll on the floor laughing
    RTG/R2G - Ready to Go
    GU - Green up (To activate/ready up for a queue in the On Duty Tab)
    Rev/Raise - to raise/revive someone after being knocked out
    Toon - A character that was created to play in game
    TTFN - ta ta for now (see you later)
    SC - SuperCharge or in some context - Skillchain
    Spam - To repeatedly cast a spell or do an ability.
    To repeatedly and rapidly using chat, especially when abusing party or shout mode.
    ST*U - A command to stop talking, containing an expletive (F)
    Synth - To make or craft mods or soders
    Uber - German slang short for Super!
    Wipe - death of an entire party group or raid
    WB - Welcome Back
    WC - gone to the toilet
    WTS - Want to Sell
    WTB - Want to Buy
    WTT - Want to Trade
    WooT - Hooray / Way to Go /Congratulations

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