Antifreeze Legs

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  1. Anyone get these recently and remember where they got it from exactly?
    Between, dcuo wikia, and random google searches apparetly it comes from Poison Ivy, Joker Goons, Mr.Freeze or Vault. I've been killing Poison Ivy and Joker Goons for about 2 hours and still nothing. No luck with my Vault runs. Don't have any quest with Mr.Freeze (lv.27), I know that you can get em way earlier because I saw someone with them lower level than me.
    Poison Ivy is pretty consistant with Antifreeze Back (beginning Bloodrot monster) and Feet (Ivy herself) if anyone cares for those early on.
  2. scare crow lvl 4 mission
  3. Not to hijack your thread, but does anyone know where to get the "Fourth World" legs? I thing the chest piece is bad @$$ and would love to get the matching legs.
    Thanks all in advance!
  4. to hijack you thread which do you like better pie or dcuo PIE JK this thread has been unhijacked
  5. Wow deathclaw that was right ont he money, first run and got them. Thanks a lot. Is there a better source of armor locations or you just remembered offhand?

    I'm also more of a cheesecake man myself, hehe.
  6. Gen2K wrote:
    This site is VERY useful:
    Give it a shot! :)
  7. Just can't find my Fourth World legs... :(
  8. Xenomorph wrote:
    Lol, I was using that like I mentioned in my OP which is what lead me here. It's a good site layout and idea but still very incomplete. For example it doesn't list Terrormaster's Legguards (Antifreeze Legs) as a drop from lv. 4 Scarecrow.

    Xenomorph: No idea where to find those, sorry. I don't even have em.

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