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  1. Bit farming has got the be the most boring aspect of the game for me.I basically just wander around aimlessly till I hear the bit humming sound or just simply run into them which results in hours of boring game play.I know people have claimed to follow routes which I have tried but when following these routes the bits never seem to reappear in the same spot.It would be nice if we could get bits from completing alerts,duo's,raids and such instead of spending time wandering around farming them.What are some methods you guys use to bit farm to speed up the process other than buying them from that guy standing by the phase shifter lol
  2. uhdcplayer wrote:
    I took full advantage of the last two 50% off sales that SOE offered... and I still have over 65 R&D scanners in my inventory.
  3. I have a route i follow in chinatown metro... I can literally get 4 or 5 a minute on my route. Also farm bits in the pvp to make it more interesting. Nothing worse then not being able to beat that hero/villain that got to the bit moments before you. If i ever find myself in a low population phase i will farm bits.
  4. My method was to turn on my music, make make my own voice channel, turn off the game music (it's been off since before the Gates and PBG opened up, turn up the effects, and go to AM and farm street by street east to west, get to the end of a street, go south one block, come back down. When I hit the water in the south, go back to AM, rinse lather, repeat.
  5. 1. Use Scanners
    2. Find a route that you can go on a continuous loop for exobits
  6. once you use r and d scanners you begin to see that exobits are pretty much everywhere and you'll get a feel for finding them faster.
    central city and arkham island are good spots for quick bit finding. if the spawn is with you you can accumulate a few stacks quickly.
  7. Get yourself an R&D scanner, pick an area you wanna farm, collect all the bits you find and remember where you found em. After few times you'll be able to develop a loop route between all the bits spawn points.

    I'm not gonna tell you where,... but I do have a 36 bits route which includes a good dozen of collections spawn points as well,.......only took me 2 R&d scanners to find this route.
  8. Finding a route is the best thing to do. If you don't have a route already buy a scanner and remember the locations that you see the bits at and that will help you to get a route. My route is in robinson park. I can get a stack of each color in about 30 minutes.
  9. Sylar-Man wrote:
  10. Sylar-Man wrote:
    Robinson Park it's pretty good when it's not crowded, also if you are a hero and like to PvP by staying in Robinson park you can easily pick up Bounties posters and do repairs at the Diamond Heist vendor in between Arena Ques...and farming exo all in one shot.
  11. Here's your options...
    1. Use scanners.
    2. Start with a single location and expand it into a route (Chinatown nice for low roofs).
    3. Change to flight and run a grid on the map only looking at rooftops (Gotham nice for a wide spread).
    Try to avoid Metropolis Midtown. It's not worth it.
  12. I dont use scanners and I find them pretty easy I just follow a route I have set up in gotham and listen to music. 2 to 3 hours later 70-80% of my invertory is full of bits.
  13. Drunkbiker wrote:
    Yup. thats how i was able to finish my bounty feats and diamond heist feat.
  14. Get eleventy bajillion dollars in glitched money from another player and buy bits on the Broker.
    Barring that, farm bits around a Class A spawn and sell the Class A for bit money.

    Otherwise, you have 20+ hours of gathering animations alone (not including flight time) to get the
    Tragic the Gathering
  15. Sore wrote:
    +1... tall buildings make bit farming such a nightmare.
  16. Plant your bits after the last frost, in bright sunlight on south slope of small hills. Give them plenty of MoT so they grow up big and strong into bytes. Sell the bytes in the Ah for $10,000,000 a stack. Still never have enough money to buy a decent piece of gear.

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