Arbiter of Destiny = 50% SC

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-StevoLars, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. The main reason I used to use Transcendence over Arbiter was the 50% vs. 100% SC cost. Now that they're equal, it's a no-brainer. Arbiter gives unlimited power for 30 seconds (and its own loadout).
    Best wipe-saving supercharge in the game. Pop your trinket, then cast Arbiter. Drop a COP, then alternately spam Final Ruin and Rejuvinate. End with another COP.
    With good timing, you will come out of it with full power for yourself (thus more power for your teammates), your whole team at full health, a fresh COP, and about 20-25,000 Damage from Final Ruin spamming.
    Lovin' the Arbiter.
  2. Yeah. It is awesome. Yay to more super ugly bats in PvP.
  3. arbiter is good...but trascendence helps a lot in emergency situations, just like Invigorate in electricity.
  4. StevoLars wrote:
    have yet to ever use it. Tanscendence is my go to for healing and power. i find very few PVE or PVP bosses/players that can kill my teammates while i have this on. I may use it just to see what it looks like but other than that i find it hard to think anything can beat tran in healer stance.

    i would however finally like to try out snow devil for my tank since pets are better. its melee resistant so that has got to be good against any melee players or bosses
  5. power for the group out weighs unlimited power for one IMO. but have u got stunned while being a bat... basically a forgotten sc
  6. Armagged3n wrote:
    i literally have never even seen this form or the snow devil
  7. ARCHIVED-xse Guest

    i started using it in place of trancendance. it would be a hell of alot better if they would fix the delay for the first transformation
  8. what about sorc dps? i have a sorc dps and i mainly use neo venom WOD and COP. would AOD be good to use?
  9. xse wrote:
    Heh, don't expect a fix anytime soon. Nature shapeshifting has never been fixed, always a first 8 second+ delay when shapeshifting.
    It's kinda sad really.
  10. ARCHIVED-xse Guest

    thenewcastle wrote:
    it isnt like i cant adapt. it is very hard to. all you gotta do is walk away from the group for 8+ seconds and wait. not the best idea as a healer though
  11. xse wrote:
    That's why I pop the pterosaur trinket at the start of the raid.
    Transcendence is a good supercharge, but when used properly, Arbiter beats all. It will take practice. Timing and learning the loadout matter. Transcendence is still better for PvP, but against a raid boss, I'll take the Arbiter every time.
  12. precisely, that long transformation is what keeps me from using it. If the health of my team is dropping quickly trascendence solves the problem instantly.
  13. I switched it to Arbiter over the weekend to take advantage of the 50% sc, but I miss Trancedence already... the delay for transforming to a bird is killing me.
  14. It helps to enter a Raid with a Full Supercharge and use Arbiter during the first wave of Mobs during the Raid. Only the initial transformation in an instance has the delay. Using it at the beginning allows you to build the 50% supercharge you used back to 100% before the first boss. Then use the supercharge once during the first boss fight.
    I think Arbiter is the best supercharge for Sorcery Damagers as you can spam Final Ruin, Vengeance and Karmic Backlash for 30 seconds. I still prefer Transcendence for healing as I am now using mostly Summoning powers for Healing.
  15. Thinking of trying it out. Sounds useful for tight spot. Gonna decide between this and Dust Off.
  16. I liked arbiter the form looked stupid and it was slow but it was still fun for a bit Trans is where its at for me at the moment. I say they change arbiter so it would look kinda like the one mental SC were u turn purple and summon the ghosts forget the name but it would not be a SC and u could change in and out of it like nature does also bump the forms healing to 15 or 25% and have it so the form is a constant red and golden soul aura and HoT giving small heals if someone is nearby. Overpowerd yes but its better then the goofy handicapped bat.
  17. FeartheGargant wrote:
    It may be less useful than trans for healers but for a dps arbiter is where it's at. Not only do the CoP damage and heal you get to spam final ruin over and over again. I love it on my sorc dps.
  18. They ruined Arbiter when they added the 8 second delay in transforming the first time you use it in an area.... makes it useless in PVP and other instances unless you pop one as soon as you get in. but if you go in with 0 SC built up then its useless in a clutch situation
  19. arbiter beats trascenance by a long shot. trans has to be channeled and can be interupted. especially if u pop it while being attacked. also interupted if someone polymorphs u. the health out put is decent but pop arbiter and u can throw down circle of protection circle of destruction twice for its duration . also pop boon of souls for extra damage mitigation. spam rejuv for spot heal and i spam condemn and shared fate to spread karma and pull people towards my ownage. if u get stunned in arbiter form no biggie just break out u have unlimited power! also along with update 16 even though its not in the patch notes they took of arbiters delay during first transformation! yay! not to mention arbiter lasts about 4 times longer than trans . also wen arbiter is over u still have the super fast recharging power bar for like 5 seconds.i dunno if that by design or accident but i love it. also for anyone who says that arbiter is missing out because no team power output? the power output is lafable on trans. im a fully modded t4 healer and when trans is popped me and my team wuld be lucky to get half our power bars filled. can anyone say CONTROLLER. don worry bout getting a lousy extra 500 power or whatever . the heals outweigh and u can damage in arbiter. my pvp LOVES pvpin wit me cuz i time my AOD correcty in between trinket. i get mad heals
  20. Speaking specifically in a PVE sence I prefer Transendance as it allows you to give power when the time comes that troll's are depeleted (seems to happen a lot when 2 DPS are electric). I've never had to use either for healing purposes unless 3/4/5 people get KO'd at once, 2 others with a shield (be it hardlight mental or sorc etc) get the downed people up I pop Transendance and they are safe to revive.

    I rarely have the patience for PVP so am not in the position to comment.

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