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  1. i bought hands of fate
    so how do i get the aura
  2. Auras come from lockboxes, you need the buy keys unless your Legendary to open them.
  3. are they guarenteed in every box?
  4. Bluddboi wrote:
    No. The contents of the lockboxes are random. You might get a compound (a powerful soder), an aura, a ring, a neck piece, or one piece from two different rare styles (Cyborg & Noble Warrior).
    You also get a Mark corresponding to your CR (Mark of War for CR71+, Mark of Triumph for CR70 & below).
  5. Comixfan wrote:
    Just thought I'd quickly point it out again that you do not always get a Mark with your box (as per the GM who emailed me). Apparently if you get equipment (non-jewelry) you apparently aren't supposed to get a mark. However, checking the support site I get this which states that you get a random mark. I hope this is something they consider changing in the future.
  6. Bluddboi wrote:

    Yeah. No.
    I've opened 100+ boxes since they launched and have found exactly ONE aura in that time. Other folks have opened five and gotten one in all five.
    All you can do is be hopeful.
  7. Longhorn-Tex wrote:
    Not far off myself. 88 lockboxes over the last year and I've gotten 2. Can't complain though only 39 were compounds and from what it sounds like that's a pretty low percentage.
  8. Got my first aura on test in a matter of an hour. When it went live...took me nearly 3 months to get my first. A week later, my second. Two days ago, I got my third. I know people that have 5 or 6. "Random is random" is the safety phrase.
  9. BigAl1775 wrote:
    got gold on an alt. 1 purple and 3 blue on my main.
    havent seen anything outside of a soder in a month.
  10. I've gotten so many auras I've had to distribute them to alts. And I don't even use auras. However I have yet to get a golden aura. I think maybe Feenicks would look good in gold.
  11. I have gotten all the different auras a few times over but the minute I made a yellow lantern the gold aura quit dropping for me and I had already distributed thhe previous gold ones to other alts.
    Finally a week ago I got a gold aura for my new yellow lantern character.
    I still hear rumors that there is a green aura and a black aura but I personally have never seen one on an actual character that was not an NPC or legends so I kinda doubt they exsist... Anyone seen a Black or Green aura on a player Character and have a screenshot of it? Since this was an aura thread I thought I would throw it out there.
  12. The likelyhood that you will get an aura is 10 to 1. The lockeboxes usually only give you potions. On a rare occasion you might get a nice ring, usually you will get those useless potions. I have yet to get an aura and I play this game a lot. There is also a limit to how many lockeboxes you get, so be aware of that.
  13. man just gotta keep puttin money in
    for a teen it makes a dent

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