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  1. I have it on good authority that the Avatar of Sin drops horns and/or wings. I've killed him twice now, once in a group and once by myself and he's dropped nothing.

    Anyone know anything about this?
  2. I got the Avatar of Sin horns from completing one of the player briefings. Actually, I think I had to complete all 4 Sins of the Father briefings.
  3. prydenpaine wrote:
    Correct, since I got mine I haven't taken them off :3
    It is indeed the "Sins of the Father Collection Collection", as it were.
  4. Speaking of AoS, does anybody actually know what causes him to spawn? Sometimes I hear he's on a timer. Sometimes I hear you kill the demons to spawn him. Sometimes I hear you kill the Embodiment of Sin's to spawn him. I always say kill stuff, because at least you'll have something to do while waiting that keeps you in the area. After all, once he does spawn, he goes down fast.
  5. theendzeit wrote:
    For starters, your "good authority" isn't so good. NO bounties dropp anything at all
  6. lexagen wrote:
    The enchanted statue drops greco-roman shoulders.
  7. prydenpaine wrote:
    Ah, so it's a player briefing, not a loot drop. How many pick ups in total are there? Did it take long?
  8. I think for the entire set it's 26...
    I'd check but short on time >:
    Google it? :3
  9. theendzeit wrote:
  10. Tried the website, can someone pin point out the exact name of the briefing? because I cant find it, all I see that is similar is Sins of farther
  11. Taaka1234 wrote:
    usually, when you complete a set of investigations/briefings/collections you get a "bonus" email with another style. In this case, the AoS's horn style is the bonus for completing all four of the Sins of the Father briefings.
  12. Avatar of sin is on a spawn timer. Nothing forces his spawn. I spent 5 hours a morning at Ellsworth hospital every Saturday right after reset farming minions of wrath because one side drops snake back another side drops snake waist (dps) an I was getting 2 every 5 hours and they were selling for 20million + right after merge. I got about 8 league members fitted up with the belt and bought rare collections, yadda yadda. I must've killed that avatar every 10 minutes or less. But if you don't kill him all the way, he spawns minions and 30% of the snake belts I got were off one of his spawned minions, or a minion nearby while he was alive. I used to let him walk around for 5 minutes with low hp cause every 45 seconds he was spawning more minions. That is until some lowbie doing a quest would come over and kill him. Heh.
    But yeah, no drops, just maybe something to do with him being alive an minions dropping snake belt. The minions on the half of the hospital closest to villain hideout drop snake dps back.
  13. HeliosXenon wrote:
    Thanks for the info, Helios. I'm still looking for the snake belt and knew it dropped here, but have never gotten one despite the hours spent (spread over a wide period of time). I'll also try to let him stay up long enough to spawn more of his minions.
    I do have to disagree on the spawning of the Avator, though. I firmly believe that it is based on the number of kills in the area and have seen him spawn very quickly as I one-shot everything in the area.
  14. It could be force spawned by mob kills. This was pre-update 8 when meteors could go further. I was killing everything that breathed.
    I was basing spawn time off Disasterpiece being there. I wasn't assuming he was blocking and runnin or hiding behind the hospital lol. I'll rephrase: "so long as you are destroying all life at the hospital sin will usually pop every 10 mins"
    If you are standing facing the front of the hospital, the minions on the left drop snake belt, the minions on the right drop snake back. Saturday morning about 5am PST is when you wanna start farming. You'll either get one within 2 hours or you'll get one after 3-4. If you get one within an hour you'll get a second between 4-5 hours. If you get none within 4 hours that means a lowbie came over and snagged it. I found it best to group anyone hangin around for more than 2 minutes. As 50/50 is better than 0 chance. Hands down the best way would be 3 leaguers with one superboy plaque hunting and the other exobits. Usually alternated between pvp ques with league mates too.
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    I made this thread back in January LAST year.

    Surprised nobody noticed. >.<
  16. Seems that person's first and only post on the forums was to raise the dead...IBFTL
  17. Lol somebody bumped it and I'm on my iPhone. Haha.
    I was kinda like W.T.-heck, how does he not have sins horns. . . But then again it took me a year to get snake legs and I still don't have psycho shoulders. Hehe

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