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Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-BriceAllen, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Not a "huge" promotion by any means but if you shop at Best Buy this weekend and you need some station cash might as well pick one up -
  2. BriceAllen wrote:
    Now think of all the things you can't spend them on ....
    • No more DLC.
    • No more membership.
    • No more styles from summer.
  3. Ganowar wrote:
  4. lol...I actually laughed at that one Ganowar. Very nice sir.
    For me, I only buy Station Cash for one reason now a days. PVP Replay Badges. Got full T4 on Brice, 6 pieces on Incubus, and now it is time to get my full T4 Healer set on Brice (although I will not farm out the T4 Healer set as fast as I did T4 DPS on Brice...I did that in just over 2 weeks). But yeah I'll still probably pick up a card this weekend.
  5. BriceAllen wrote:
    For me it's more about the lack of content that's actually purchasable with station cash anymore rather than a actual dig at anyone.

    I can't say I'm fine with the changes but at the very least they could output alot more content through the marketplace to make station cash useful.

    Right now it's the same styles that I either have already or don't actually want. The only things left to spend station cash on are replay badges, power respec tokens and movement respec tokens, imo. I don't really want power respec tokens or movement respec tokens at the moment and I'm not that keen on replay badges.

    Still at the moment SoE has devalued Station Cash, it's a move that I don't think is a good idea while also limiting the options for payment for DLCs and Membership.

    Pushing more content out from the marketplace would help give station cash value again, perhaps creating Game Cards for $10 that can purchase any 1 DLC + 500 station cash or 1 month membership would be the other (better) option than station cash cards.

    Still, wait and see. There's a solution coming hopefully to these probelms.
  6. Brice, do you have a Walmart near you? The $15 cards there always come wih an extra 500 station cash.

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