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  1. If I wanted to reroll a character to be purely built for DPS what would be the best combination of ability/weapons, For both ranged or melee DPS?
  2. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Any combination of anything with the all-class dps gear equipped.
    Granted somethings are more powerful than others at the moment, but their goal is that there is no "dps" because everyone is. So even if people tell you whats most powerful now, chances are balance patches will change that over time, and you just spent all that time getting to 30 and grinding iconic gear for a class combo you only chose because people said it was "best"
    so look at the powers for each power set and play around with the weapons that appeal to you most. If you aren't having fun, then chances are even if you do choose "the best" combo it won't actually be "the best" because you can't adjust to the playstyle that its powers and combinations rely on.
    that said, I don't think many people out there want to group with someone who built their toon to be pure dps. DPS isn't ever an issue if people are consistent know how to work together. I think everyone would rather have more heals, power regen, or an easier time healing you than someone who does more damage during combos.
    Which if its 50% more damage overall, thats still 50% of one person in the group, thus if you were to figure out how much faster the boss/mobs would actually be killed you'd get 12.5%. So if the boss takes 3 minutes to kill, under IDEAL situations where you actually put out the maximum dps you are capable, you are only looking at around 23 seconds faster than usual.
    Versus not dying or actually contributing group effects....
  4. So, Even in a end game raids "8 man right?" you would run what? 2 tanks 3 healers 3 controllers? Is that not overkill? Wouldint it be more efficient to run with say 2 tanks 2 healers 3 controllers and 1 DPS? Or 2 tanks 2 healers 2 controllers and 2 DPS? Im new to DCUO but im a vet to MMO's, I know that in every other MMO ive ever played having the ability to burn a boss mod especially in a raid as fast as possible will save as many lives as an extra healer if that healer is not absolutely needed...
  5. Trustno1702 wrote:
    Perhaps it would, but rarely have I seen any cases where those dps weren't flexible to either role. That is the way this game is designed.
    If you are a vet then you know that dps were a dime a dozen so many got left out of "the group" that actually ran instances. This system allows for, in that raid scenario, a flexibility that squashes out that elitist group mentality. Why would a group go looking for dps when they could just tell people to switch roles mid-raid? Even further have a failed tanker go dps and a dps go tank.
    Respecs are also dirt cheap so you can change to suit your interests or established role inside of your league if you need to specialize. If you REALLY want to min/max it really won't even make too much of an impact untill you have to decide which iconic pieces of armor to get. And even then, your weapon's quality and your ability to effectively use all your combos dictates enough of your damage output to best some people who even have dps gear equipped. Theres much more skill involved than cookie cutter builds and min/maxing to fit super n@zi'd group roles. This may change when people get up to Tier 3 raid armor and raids, whenever those are released however.
  6. Trustno1702 wrote:
    Is it overkill? Nope. This game has LOAD of mobs coming at you, so having multiple controllers in an 8-man is wise. Also,you'd want 2 tanks and 2 healers. So we're at about 6ish right there. You could mix in 2 DMG guys as well. Personally, as a healer, I'd want 3 controllers. :)
    All classes DPS, so pure DPS isn't really as valuable as in other MMOs. And that's where your confusion is coming in. I thought the same thing at first. The tank can just as easily switch to DPS mode if needed. At this time there isn't one "DPS" class.
    Pure DMG guys are last on the list and they are going to be the tops in quantity, so your options may or may not end up limited. Who's to say really. But as a healer, if I get in a random group with a bunch of little fire signs, I'm out. That stuff is fine 1-30, but you'll get PWNed after that.
    Would love to see them make a class that's ultimate DPS, but squishy as heck. Maybe an electricity guy.
  7. Thanks for the feed back guys.
  8. I just respeced my fire tank to be a full blown dps. I think there are alot of good abilities in the fire tree and i used the weapons guide here to pick out the stats and combos I wanted. I think I will be using martial arts and going down into some other trees for the bonuses. I haven't put him to the test yet but I'll let you know how it goes. I know my controller in control form does around 120k in an alert so I'll base it on that first. I've seen people do over 300k in same instances so thats what im aiming for
  9. on my 1st sorcery toon i was top everything in alerts 51 and hive, and usually do 50k minimum dmg and healing, from start or half way through, as a healer no less, though i wish someone else would be healer so i can be damage>_<
  10. As the posts above me show, most classes can do good pure DPS. I've done fire and sorc just fine. You can even go good dps as nature if you wanted.
    I think controllers are the weak ones in the bunch for raw stats. But then again, someone just button mashing single target DPS is of little use in the endgame anyway, so I'll take the great controller. :)
  11. i just rerolled a new character to be pure dps because I thought it would be fun. I have a 30 healer and oddly enough I've seen quite a few groups ask for a dps when doing hard alerts. So I will be able to switch characters depending on what's needed and what I feel like playing. But anyways, I made a fire user with a 2 handed weapon. So far combat is slow but I do crazy damage with just the regular combo.
  12. ok so im mental telekenis lvl 30 and staff and i go for DMG i seem to find groups for alerts havent tried any raids yet but i mean if we have tank controller and healer we murder alerts last night i was in such a good group i only died on Smallville 2times out of area 51 ace and armory and smallville so yeah idk i hope im not left out of raids :(
  13. i've always played controller since ive capped (hand blast psychic) but after being requested to DPS for a few by our League leader and moving a few abilities round - my overall damage output is absolutely insane!
    i cant make a char comparison yet as i haven't finished capping my alts but through Packs or boss fights it is a very decent DPS output - Mass levitate & Psychic blast on packs is insta-win! i would be interested to see what damage could be done in this spec with the damage tier 1 gear as opposed to controller in which im using.
  14. Subsonicfrequencies wrote:
    DPS is a role that needs to be filled just like any other role. And just like a tank or a healer, a character purposely specced and geared towards that role will be the best one to fill it.

    OP, I unfortunately don't have an answer for you. Although I can say that I absolutely enjoy rifles and the combos are incredibly easy to get off. As far as power sets go, I just don't have enough experience to really know yet.
  15. Im guessing the game was intended to have people in solely dps roles as well, thats why if you look at tier 1 gear, each piece has one for healer one for controller one for tank and one with no label.... logic would indicate that even though its not labeled as "dps" it is the gear you would use if you are not in one of the three other rolls.... which leaves...dps.
  16. BigBlast wrote:
    I don't see the dps benefit to the tier 1 armor (from a precision pov). I've spent my 30 levels as pure dps - fire. I've opted for gear with benefit to precision over anything else. As to whether or not I've served a purpose in alerts with my league, I believe so (we succeeded in Ace Chemical, Strykers, Smallville)
  17. All im saying is you have 4 basic rolls in every group in DCUO, Healer, Tank, Controller and DPS. I understand perfectly fine that EVERY class can do DPS. BUT, It is possible to spec your character to focus souly on DPS there for making that character the proper person to fill those shoes. Rather then a healer who is capable of doing DPS but not as effective. Because in the ideal group that extra person would be doing nothing but DPS as is. So there for leagues SHOULD focus on filling that role with someone who is designed for it.

    Well, This is what I love about MMO's. All this confusion means its time for some experimentation...
  18. Another thing I thought I should mention. My main is a destiny specced sorcerer, main focus being heals. Having said that I did the arkham hard alert last night with my league, there was already a healer in the group so I switched to dps. When there were a bunch of mobs around the tank would go in, then I would cast circle of protection (in dps it is a DoT instead of HoT) and spam full auto with the dual pistols. We quit halfway through and my overall dmg was about 140k, almost doubling the tanks damage. And this is with all healer gear. So in short a sorcerer can put up some crazy damage numbers. I would love to see it if I stacked precision instead of restoration.
  19. im a gadgets dps, though with the skills i use if i switch to controller role they switch what they do from damage to energy regen, in either role i do what i have to and very well, its isnt so much build with this game as it is preference. use the powers you know and like best but if you need to fill another role dont worry about changing because the powers you have will change too to help fit that role
  20. Right now i walk around with 191 precision,I crit for 5 to 8 hundred .I crit all the time.A dps character is not just switching stances,its about having the gear to DPS...I do mega damage EVERYWHERE...If you pvp,youve seen me before...Oh,and im a brawler

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