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  1. Im just curious as to what the forums have to say about which class is the best for dps. Also what is everyones opinion on skills based dps vs. pure white dmg dps.
    Im asking this because in our raids (which we one shot every boss in raids so im not asking for tips on how to get higher dps) our top dps is a two hander melee controller.
    He has full mana constantly. Im not busting his balls for nvr using his mana or skills but it blows my mind that he tops dps charts by performing combos... and thats it? Im the tank and could care less but trying to keep up with him if thats what anyone is thinking. Im just really curious as to what other peoples experiences are who just dps in game.

    Please tell me what your class is and if you white dmg dps or skill dps or a combo of them.
    Would love to hear stories, examples, builds on what you've seen from your guilds for raid dps'ers.

  2. Fire/Dual Wield
  3. as a fire/dual pistols dps my league members tell me i do massive damge for a dps and that other dps arent as heavy hitters as me what i do is just combos and throw in 2 skills i usually do 150k and up dammge in duos etc. maybe all you need to know to be a heavy dps is know your skills and weapon combos to be as good as the guy you mention. fire is kinda perfect for a dps since you cxan basically heal yourself but thats just my opinion
  4. Best DPS comes from sorcery IMO. I got my sorc to 30 (alt turned main after i realized my controller was only expected to be a battery) and just got my 2nd t1 piece and I top the charts consistently.
    I use combination of bow combos and magic (main source of DPS would prob be magic). Wrecking trash mobs with combo of Circle of Protection and Arrow Storm. Plus Weapon of Destiny is a great cheap spell that greatly enhances weapon damage for bosses and throw in a Final Ruin or 2 or 3 to finish the big boys of quickly. I also like to keep Fury out for the little bit of free extra damage he puts out. I know Fury isn't gonna last when I start raiding, but he's decent enough to keep around for now.
    From my prsonal experiences, if you're going for straight DPS, it's better to roll with a ranged weapon. Being in the thick of a battle right next to your tank isn't ideal. If you're spec'd right (might, precision, crits) you're probably gonna be farily fragile.
    Now, let me finish this off by saying that I DO NOT claim my build to be the end all - be all DPS. There may be some magnificent build floating around that I haven't seen. I haven't played around with a lot of the other power sets, but I do see my numbers, and I like what I see.
  5. I think they forgot to put a dps class in the game. Every powerset has a role, so that tells us what that powerset is meant for but all the powersets have a damage role. I would think they should have been a power set with just one role: damage. I would figure end game if you invite a sorc,nature,mental etc into a group your expecting them to play their role. A tank, healer, battery makes for a very long fight without a pure damage dealer. But I'm only going off other MMOs I've played.
  6. I do ice and dual pistols. I am always at the top of the charts. Impailing ice crits for me max around 2.5k with the mob below 35%. plus it has a 60% damage mod for weapon attacks. Add the procs on as well and can put out some serious damage. I would say weapon choice is the biggest thing for dps, powers are just used for the most part to gain the damage increase on a boss fight. I tried mental dps though and their high damage power hits a few targets though and is nice when combined with dual pistols and venom boost for groups of mobs. The reason you will likely see dual pistols at the top of the charts is full auto. fast directional ae that can do more dps total than single mob attacks. That plus a proc ability adds tons of damage to the total. I have played with fire and find it works best with melee atttacks for the pbae damage as well. dual wield or MA is nice. I have not played with the staff yet though, but 2 hders are just too slow. I think it all comes down to if you want to range fight or melee. in melee range, you will take more damage plain and simple fire can help you with that by heals. i have been playing a gadget dps to check that out, but dont really care for the power set, and the nature ones seem to always end up having to switch to healer for alerts. ALl and all, i would say pick a power set you like and a weapon that matches your style of fighting. learn the best combos and situations to do what when, and you will be at the top of the charts almost always or at least close to the next dps.
  7. quantum wrote:
    damage is also a role for every power set. to list gear as damage only would be redundant since everybody could still use it. The only thing it would do is not allow somebody to need on a damage item if they were not in that current role if they ever put in the ability to do so. People dont look for powwer sets when putting groups together, they look for roles, so that point is kinda bleh. At launch, there should have been roles for damage and people should have started out and only be able to play the role they chose, its a flaw in the design. If they add a pure damage power, i think people would be up in arms because their damage toon they put tons of effort into would now be second class. The best thing about damage though is the diversity you can have in choosing to play in that role. 6 power sets to choose from vs 2.
  8. Representin wrote:
    Good post. I totally agree, aside from the "flaw in the design" bit. I think the fact that any power set can play a damage role is a plus. Some people may want to play with fire, but if that's not the "dps power set" then you're screwed. I think the system the devs have set up is nice in that it gives variety (as you stated previously) as well as lets you build the character YOU WANT TO BE.
    That's kinda what this game is all about. If I was a super hero/villian, what would my powers be? How would I look? How would I act?
    Basically, the BEST dps class is the one that you have fun playing. I think if you spec them right, any power set can throw up some decent numbers. Some may have a slight edge, but if you don't like your toon then who gives a sh*t?
  9. personally i wish all power sets could choose one of 4 roles. I would love to play a gadget tank.
  10. DeathscytheRX78 wrote:
    lol no you don't.
  11. KeineKatze wrote:
    That's strange to say. I have seen numbers this high in a duo. A sorcery build, he was among other things blasting the hell out of things I was encasing. If I remember right was using hand blasters.
  12. KeineKatze wrote:
    Agreed, lol. There's not even 150K damageto be dealt in duos

    EDIT: Myabe in Hive base, but even that's pushing it
  13. Carcinogen wrote:
    If you do 150k in a duo
    1. You wiped, A LOT
    2. Your partner was just feeding you buffs like carnage the whole time and standing there picking his nose
    3. You were glitching somehow
  14. lmao ya good luck doing that although no word of a lie i did 140 000 dmg in hive base duo but that was only due to the pistol glitch with epic 97 dps pistols and being nature having my dots on everyone and pistol glitching and my partner in the duo was a crappy healer with no gear that did like 5k dmg lol. But I do think unfortunatelly sorcery is the best dps right now in raids our dps is me nature and a sorc dps pretty similiar geared and he usually beats me by a little... maybe if they fixed swarm and made it a viable ranged attack.... in raids doing 2 casts to spread my dots dropping vine lash, and deadly thorns than casting harvest to spread all my dots takes away too much time from doing damage with my weapon and having my crit buff up. i would love for them to fix swarm so i can have another instant cast ranged ability that doesnt require me havingto run into melee to use or spend time casting and have the very good chance to be interrupted by a mob with my threat..
  15. Defacto1769 wrote:
    Exactly. At the end of a duo there's normally between 80k-100k TOTAL between me and the other guy. To claim you do 150k by yourself means you're either lying, or you die ALOT. I'm leaning towards lying
    If you're going to make up damage numbers to look cool, then realize the way you do it is by saying you did x% of the total damage. Even then if you're grouped with someone in a non-dps role that number becomes meaningless. The most i've ever done is 90k to the other guy's 10k. He was in healer mode though so it's really not much of an accomplishment.
  16. My DUOs constantly have less then 80k damage between the 2 people. Plus I have yet to see anyone out damage me in a DUO while Im in healer mode so that basicly means any class is a good DPS if you dont suck.
  17. Even with the frame cancel nerfs, you should still be able to do loads of damage in such a short time. Nature has the PERFECT frame cancels in Wolf Form and Revert to Human (costs zero power).

    If I would specialize in DPS it would be Nature.
  18. What raids are you running? A controller with a two handed weapon as top dps? That sounds weird. I don't even understand how a melee character besides a tank can even do any signifigant damage on fights like Black Adam and Brother Eye. You're basically required to be ranged or you'll get one shotted during certain parts. There's just too much running around in raids for your DPS not to suffer. It's way easier to just sit back and mortar or full auto.
    I'm not saying you're lying, but that just sounds odd.
    In terms of DPS, the best people I know are fire and nature. Both using Rifles. Another really good DPSer is dual pistols and gadgets (in damage role). *EDIT: All these players use a mix of power and white damage (which everyone should since powers give bonuses to your white damage).
    In general the better DPSer's I see in alerts and raids tend to be either nature or fire. This doesn't mean they are the best, but it's a trend I have noticed. I believe pretty much all classes can rock the DPS role as long as they know what they're doing and use power interactions and such.
  19. agreed melee dps is sloppy i have no iddea how a 2h can do that in raids... especially when like 90% of the time your most damaging attack the mega smash gets interrupted and your getting punted and or taking wayy too much unnecessary damage. I do wish they made melee dps viable in this game i enjoy it more....but untill than ranged is where its at
  20. Before the patch I was hitting 100k+ DPS in DUO's alot. My handblaster Sorc did alot of dps, but most of it was overkill.. With Final RUin, and hitting a guy for 2200 dmg crit when he had 22 health yet was some of the main reasons though, and I ran Duo's wth a controller most the time.

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