Best Mental Troll PVP Loadout

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  1. this is brought to you in part by 13igtyme and Svlar-man
    If you want to give amazing power and kill the the healer quick this is the best troll

    PoT- Your choice (psychic blades or telekinesis)
    Burst Power- Psychic Empowerment
    Defense debuff- Phantom Flames (Hits all opponents surrounding your target)(stuns) (Damage over time)
    Healing Debuff - Horrific Visage (turns your target into a ghost)(stuns)( Ive seen it turn 3 people surrounding my target)
    Damage Prevention- Granduer (gives immunity and prevents damage for about 6 secs) (If you are a supercharge user id prefer group shield but im not so)

    All these power are lower power cost with high benefit rate. Not going to give my specific loadout.

    Best combo- Horrific visage-> Phantom flames (You can take a whole team out within a minute of the combo)
  2. Imo last choice should be thought bubble. I would recommend that power over most. Stackable DoT and the CC effect of bubbling someone. Especially when clipping your moves you can maximize damge by clipping your attacks into thought bubble.
  3. Sylar-Man wrote:
    Its annoying dps cant get damage through it, thats more of a stall move. It only gets 2 people. Its very good against sorcey it traps the watcher until the healer dies, but with Horrific Visage it'll make the healer take damage, waste power breaking the efeect, and make them have to resummon the watcher.
    You'd be suprise how many sorcery users rely on their watcher andare easy kills when its gone. LOL Some don't even relies when its gone till the health gets to 10%
  4. Yung1 wrote:

    Keep horrific visage just add thought bubble in the your choice part of the loadout. Most people will breakout out of instantly so it doesn't really slow down the DPS too much like it would in PVE.
  5. Sylar-Man wrote:
    The devs fixed the part where you can't damage the enemy inside the bubble a few updates ago, so that issue is moot. One time in a thousand, the enemy doesn't have enough power to break out and may roll out of range, though. :)
    TB has a much higher DoT tick (and has a large tick when you first cast it) compared to Phantom Flames - and TB stacks with itself.
    However, PF hits more targets. Thus, if your intent is damage, TB is probably the best choice. If your method is harassment through stuns, PF is more useful. IMHO, of course.
    Your mileage may vary.
  6. MrMigraine wrote:
    They fixed it with weapons but powers don't still pass through the encasements. Also from what I was saying you keep both phantom flames and thought bubble not choose one or the other.
  7. Sylar-Man wrote:
    i try not to do a 3 stun combo because they have immunity and wipe it off like drool
  8. I figure it's pointless to run mutliple debuffs in pvp, such a waste of power . I just stick to a healer debuff for healers and trollers , the rest I use crowd controller since our best moves for that aren't debuffs .. usually just
    Loadout 1 . Tele , Pyro, Tk push , PE, Grandeur, WoP
    Loadout 2 . Blades, Mass Terror, Horrific Visage, PE, Grandeur , WoP
  9. Femto wrote:
    world of power is overrated
  10. Yung1 wrote:
    how do you say??? for competitive pvp it's a lifesaver for support roles , I used speed drain for the longest time and I prefer WoP over it , good for a quick immunity from the animatoin and knockback .. when a tank is riding my back and stripping my PoT from me and the healers are out of power and my sodas are on cooldown it really does the job at refreshing the group
  11. Femto wrote:
    If I wasn't so incredibly lazy, I'd actually suggest different loadouts for different maps (and even in the middle of a match once you see your opponents).
    For instance, for Moon, Safehouses and the Headquarters Maps, defensive stuff like Bastion can be very useful.
    Horrific Visage for maps with Powerups - it's wonderful when an enemy spends his whole Powerup time as a ghost. Also annoying for pet-users such as the overly popular Sorcery Healers at the moment.
    Oh wait ... I forgot. Only 5v5 Maps count. :)
  12. Femto wrote:
    The heal is pointless. I never run out of sodas because i have nothing else to spend my infinite amout of influence on. Id ratther use a power i dont have to charge up.
  13. they should make defense debuff prevent immunity. That would solve these demands for nerfing the tank to troll
  14. Sylar-Man wrote:

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