Best PvP class?

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  1. Hey guys i havent played DCUO for like a year and i kinda forgot everything. I wanna mainly do pvp (when im at a high enough level) but i dont want to suck at PvE either. So Can someone put together like a class for me e.g. Power,Weapon and movement. And also tell me what skills i should be upgrading etc.. Like a full on proper guide.

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    In case its easier to talk on there cause i wanna start playing *O*. I would really appreciate it if someone replied asap or giving me a link to a guide for pvp builds and stuff. Thank you.
  2. Just start with something you think looks good and play the game if you dont like it try something else

    there is NO "BEST" anything just how you use it
  3. Basically, don't be Hard Light and don't be a Tank class. And if you're gonna be a tank class, don't pick Earth.
  4. Here's a guide that introduces you to the basic mechanics of PvP and shows you the objectives in Arenas & Legends:
    For guides on powers, there are tons here. There isn't a best class; all powers are good, it depends on how you use it(except earth like ice lantern said, earth sucks).
    For movement in PvP, Acro and super speed are the best movement modes for PvP. I especially favor Acro of SS because even though SS has double jump, acro has the wall pulls that can get you out of bad situations really fast and once you can get back into movement mode with acro, you can kite really well with its double jump and rocket glide.
    Super Speeds double jump is awesome as well. If you can master the x2 double jump, you're unstopable as well. To do a x2 double jump, while you're in the air from a double jump, press the movement mode button to get out of movement mode while you're in the air then press it again to gain the ability to do another double jump.
    Best weapons are all melee weapons, but people tend to favor dual wield, martial arts, and one-handed the most. They're all really good versitle weapons in PvP.
  5. IceLantern wrote:
    Lol exactly the 2 powers me an my buddy use
  6. Dropkicksuicide wrote:
    More power to you guys then. That said, tanks suck in PvP right now and Earth is the worst due to having only one rebuff. HL is very easy to counter. I personally think they both need upgrades for PvP.
  7. Sektor wrote:
    Sektor, I tried this out but it doesnt seem to work for me. the second double jump doesnt activate unless i hit the ground.
  8. ICEZILLA wrote:
    You still play? Haven't seen you in a while.
  9. IceLantern wrote:
    i stopped for around 6 months when SWTOR came out. Im back in the game but im mostly on heroes side.
  10. IceLantern wrote:
    while I agree with tank especially earth I'll have to say I'm really liking HL in PvP, just made a HL toon and kicking butt with 55sp/t2 gear.
    If you want to be able to switch from dps/role without changing gear & be able to do PvP/PvE without respecing i would say nature is your best bet but you'll need at least 80sp imo
  11. HEALER!
    if not
    than troller!
    pvp leagues run more of those than anything else.
    even in a group of 8 its rare to see more than one tank.
    you want work?
    go nature, sorcery or electric.
    all 3 are awesome.
    if you dont want to heal go gadget or mental... hardlight is lame in pvp.

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