Betraying Your Villain Mentor

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  1. I've Googled around and searched through this forum and still can't find an answer to this question:

    Does anyone know what betraying your mentor in your final mentor mission actually does? I've only just finished the last Joker mission on my villain character, and at the end I was given the option of saving or betraying The Joker. I decided to betray him (as that's what he'd do!) and he threatened me of course, but then once I was back in the Hall Of Doom he acted like nothing had changed and invited me to the Society. I guess you could expect that kind of flip-floppery from The Joker, but I'm assuming Lex Luthor and Circe do the same.

    So is this just purely for decoration/RP, or is there something else to the opportunity for betrayal?
  2. have never been a villan. never new about this
    P.S. EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. It might be something new...the closest thing that I can remember from my villains was with Circe after you drop WW you encase Circe and then end up free her after she pleads for mercy from her "champion", but it's all preordained as the story is running on a track of sorts, i.e. no option to betray you just do and then realign just as quickly. My heroes have never had anything close.
  4. I know in the final WW mentor mission she sacrifices herself to let you leave limbo but you have no choice but to free her and then exit. Funny that villiains can go there, even if it has no effect.
  5. alloy_gt wrote:
    Yeah, there's definitely no betrayal option with the hero mentor missions. So maybe this is just a weird random part of The Joker's final mission? It still seems odd that it wouldn't have any kind of purpose...
  6. You betray them but they offer you something, I believe each one is different Lex offers you money, joker offers you the ability to continue living and circe well.......
  7. BioincSkull wrote:
    your joking?!... AWESOME!!! plus shes sexy!
  8. Lex treats you like a paw all the time, I wouldn't hesitate to betray him...
  9. Capitao_Porrada wrote:
    He triples the money he is going to pay you so........
  10. Gentleman_Octopus wrote:
    Don't see anything wrong with this. It's just like any good tv series. Everything is back to normal at the end of the episode ;).
  11. It's nothing. For lex and circe you are forced to betray them then save them by activating the same switches before you can leave. Nothing actually happens though.
  12. The last mission i did for Circe was the lantern stuff, the one where you activate the manhunters on the roof, then i became 30 and went off to AA farm lol. So i dont recall any missions for betraying her.
  13. Transcendence wrote:
    Then your missing out on some very easy feats.
  14. Been awhile since I played a Circe/Wonder Woman mentor character to this point but yes they're trapped and demand you release them. Of course you have a choice. To follow blindly and release them right away or betray them & make them suffer a bit more before you release them. In the end they realize that they would have done the same if the role were reverse and you've shown that you're a true villain to threaten them like that. All is forgiven for extorting them but I wouldn't turn your back on them too quickly. ;)

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