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  1. Everywhere I look it says West Otisburg/near any Big Belly Burger.
    So does this mean they spawn in Otisburg and everywhere there is a BBB? including Metropolis?
  2. Farm from Knightsdome to Ace and you will find some( in Gotham).....
  3. been doing it for nearly four hours, not a single cookie. There is that freakin collection inside the building near the knightsdome. Thats probably one I need....
  4. Nerf collections!
  5. Red2Head wrote:
    Keep at it, thats where they spawn...And if its the choco cookie your looking for, could take a week or two of continual farming...
  6. kenichi wrote:
    Ill keep it up. Has anyone ever found one in metropolis or elsewhere in gotham near a big belly burger stand?
  7. Red2Head wrote:
  8. kenichi wrote:
    took me about 2 & 1/2 weeks too complete the collection, it can be done, you just can't give up.
  9. I've found 3 Oan Disablers, 2 Class A's, 2 Gorilla Soldier Blood Samples, 3 Rann-Thanagarian War Plaques, 14 Superboy Plaques since I've done more farming the past two months.... and 0 Choco-Brand Big Belly Bits. I have yet to figure out where they spawn. I farmed for about three days straight in Western Otisburg near Ace Chemicals and the Knightsdome. I ended up finding about 20+ of the other Big Belly collections, except that one.
    No idea why stuff like the Superboy Plaque and Oan Disabler are the more expensive ones. Those are easy to find if you know the general area where they spawn. Those Chocos though... they're the definition of rare, IMO.
  10. I don't think they're too rare. I've found 4 in one day a few days ago and just gave them away. That was the second time I've found multiple Chocos in one day. Just gotta keep searching.
  11. BRlTTENY wrote:
    I have at least 2 Chocos in my bank. There're not that rare...
  12. BRlTTENY wrote:
    That's because you're #1 and on the Kobesystem
    Dominate Farming
  13. They are not that rare. I have found 9 in one day. The problem is most people farm that area and it also has a lot of activity from quests in the area. Once you learn the exact locations of the cookie spawns you will find the whole collection relatively quick.
  14. kenichi wrote:
    That is correct. The whole area around Ace and surrounding blocks will spawn the Cookie Collection. Farm Stag (or Stagg) tower across from the dome for the Cho-Cho. Look High and low and the surrounding buildings. be sure to check the sidewalk also. This area is the only place I have seen it pop. Hope this helps.

  15. CeruleanOsprey wrote:
    I found 5 in three hours one night. Two in a row one time. They spawn sporadically. Stick to the skyscraper rooftops and the area immediately around their base and you will find one. Also on the ground right on the street by where the omacs and Fire and Killer Frost spawn. What part of tomorrow district did you find the Oans in? I never find those.
  16. I have entire collection in my bank. Will trade them for 1 FE3 or a hoard of red exobits.
  17. graydogg51 wrote:
    Hmmm... I may just have very poor luck then when it comes to those. I farmed the areas everyone in this topic mentioned. I'm done with my collections though, so I'll stick to farming the stuff I already find easily enough.
    As for the Oan Disablers, I seem to find them more in the heart of the Tomorrow District. I can't quite say where exactly, because I don't farm that area too much... But it seems like I find the Alien Technology Collections on the buildings that seem more tech-oriented.
  18. kenichi wrote:
    Yep, that's what this game is all about.
  19. graydogg51 wrote:
    I've just been farming for the lasy 15-20 minutes near Ace and Knightsdome and found exactly 1 collction piece and it was...Map of Star City on top of the tanks outside of Ace. I swear this game hates me.
  20. satornado12 wrote:
    I learn from the best

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