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  1. I know this has been brought up before, but I think we need to have this implemented in some fashion. And measures also need to be taken in account for abuse and whatnot, but I thought it would be a fun addition.
    Set it up so that anyone can place a bounty on anyone, it is only for crossfaction and it is only for Legendary players to participate in. Just to make sure that since there would be no reward cap, premium players would get mad that they cannot collect and use anything over 2000 dollars without it going into their escrow. But there are enough of us Legendary folk where that would not matter.
    Now you can place the bounty on anyones head, whether f2p, premium or legendary. And no same faction bounties to screw with dueling.
    The person can bounty themselves if they so choose.
    The reward can be money or tradeable pieces. There would be a time limit so that they system is not cluttered with outdated bounties. There can be multiple bounties on a single player. You can sort thru the active bounties and select the ones that you want, instead of all bounties being available and you collect on a bounty that you were not aware of.
    Meaning if the person who was bountied got into an open world pvp match and you defeat them but never signed up to seek them out as a bounty, you would not get to collect on that match...
    See ya!
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  2. Love the idea +1
  3. ME WANTY!!! LOL - Would be Kool to have a list of Bounties collected (and counters for X collected per player to reduce multiple collects on the same enemy) that others can see and make it count for PVP matches too (xcept legends) - This would drop the bounty amount but make them more fun to play them since most hi-levels are rarely in the open world.
  4. Um... +1 to this thread and this visionary!
  5. +1 to this thread. Mainly on the bribery. I like my avatar better but I love the idea!The bounties idea is pretty good too.
  6. I also agree with this idea. It would make this game more entertaining.

  7. +1 Have SOE still not offered you a job Neph?
  8. I played a Bounty Hunter in SWG for years. I Love this idea. +1 for sure
  9. Nice, you should add number of players allowed for the bounty, restrict to 1-3 depending on lvl of the bounty.
  10. VERY awesome idea.
    I think there should be maximum and minimum level caps on accepting bounties though - based (of course) on the level of the target. Don't think it's fair to have level 30s ganking a level 10 player just because there's a bounty on him.
    I think ANYONE should be allowed to put up a bounty, but they should have limits on rewards. F2P can't accept any bounty with a reward, and can't offer rewards for their bounties. Premium can offer item rewards, but not cash, and can accept item reward bounties as well as "free" bounties. Legendary bounties can include cash rewards, items, or both.
    When searching for a player bounty, the game should auto-filter to within 5 levels of your toon, and should only show bounties that are out on players who are currently online. Also, there should be filters for free, item reward and cash reward.
  11. Think about this, what if the bounty was a level 30, working on his first piece or T1 PVE gear, hadn't even started doing PVP gear and the hunter ended up being a level 30 with full Avatar Bombadier (T2 PVP Braniac gear)... There would be no competitiion. If a low level has a bounty placed on them they would have to be memorable I would think and you are forgetting how difficult it would be to find this person. There are no tips as to where this bounty might be in the game. This is a global bounty, so users would have to search Gotham, Metropolis and Central City.
    Great ideas guys, keep em coming!
  12. There are a few problems with the idea which would need to be sorted.
    The difference between a PvP geared level 30 with 80+ skill points and a freshly-levelled 30 who's only done PvE and has 30 or 40 SPs would be an issue if there isn't some kind of SP check alongside the level limits. I'd say a limit of five levels above OR below the target, and maximum of 20 SPs more than the target - but that only works to prevent more powerful players taking the bounty, not less powerful. Also, players in PvE phases could just refuse duels and never have to fight, thus negating the bounty. And if someone has friends (or an alt) to let them know there's a bounty, they can switch to PvE if they don't want to face it. Not sure what to do about that one, though...
  13. If you start putting limits and restrictions on aspects of the games, it limits the amount of scenarios and fun that one could have.
    One thing I would add is that you should be able to phase with the bounty, and if that bounty happens to be in a PVE phase, well you can move onto the next bounty...
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  15. obliviondoll wrote:
    How about making it more of an in-game mini-game where players que into it. The computer picks one of the qued players at random to be the target & assigns the hunter pack as well as the reward & a time limit that if expires the target gets the reward. Hunters & target are grouped by taking into account gear & SPs so to make it interesting & avoiding lopped sided matches. During the hunt the target cannot be attacked by anyone but the hunter party & the other way around, also the target & hunter party is cut off from communicating with other players not in the hunt. At the start of the hunt the target is dropped in one of the cities with a minute head start before the hunter pack is dropped inside the same city at a different location, neither hunters or target can teleport to their HQs nor are they able to go inside any structure. Instead of dots on the map when the players get close to each other a square orange(or whatever color) zone shows on the map. This means that hunters & target are both inside this zone but hunters still need to find the target who is trying to avoid them or escape the zone.
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    LIKE!!! Sounds really fun.
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