Can I use my ps3 account on my pc?

Discussion in 'Account Related Support' started by ARCHIVED-AbyssKEQ, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Quick question, I am looking to start up again on DCUO, however I would like to play it on my pc instead of my ps3 this time around.
    Is there a way I can log on using my ps3 dcou account on the pc?
  2. Currently, you'd have to set up a new account, start new toons, etc...dunno if that'll ever change.
  3. Shareana wrote:
    I brought this up with a simple search that took less than 45 seconds. This should answer the question for you.
  4. PC and PS3 are totally seperate servers, and accounts for DCUO. You'd need to maintain two seperate, non-connected accounts if you wanted to play on both platforms. The PC side is handled by us (SOE) whereas the PS3 side will be done through the PlayStation Network.

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