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  1. Hello and welcome to the dcuo help hotline. In order to properly diagnose your problem, please answer the following questions.
    1) Does your mic work for other games?
    2) Is your payment plan F2P, Premium or legendary?
    3) Do you turn on your mic before or after you start the game from your ps3 home area?
    Please answer the questions above and tun in the following form. Your answer will arive in the mail within 5 min to 5 months. If you have answered like anything that would be cencored by these forums, have fun in your run around with me, the devs and costomer service. Have a nice day.
  2. Hearing about a few people getting this problem. Oyu said when he talks through settings he can hear himself. But on dcuo nothing works.
  3. Since the update a number of people, including myself have had mic issues. It's typical of SOE to fix one thing and break something up related at least once per update.
  4. Same thing has happened to 1 guy in our league, he hasn't had any VC for about a week now, a GM even told him to try relogging. There is obviously something wrong on SOE's side as he hasn't even got any chat tabs at all.
  5. MrSleeves wrote:
    You mean claim to fix 1 thing and break others. There have been mic issues across the board in my league for people who typically never have them including myself.
  6. technician error.
    make sure your mic is plugged in prior to starting your ps3 system. Check all settings on your ps3 console before starting the game. Immediately upon loggin in to the game go to settings, voice, and adjust your speaker and or mic volume just a touch, this should level out any feedback you're receiving. make sure that all voice settings are set correctly, including push to talk. Check the volume setting and mute setting on your actual mic.
    After doing all of this, if your mic still doesn't work.....get used to text chatting.

    just sayin.
  7. Karnevil wrote:
    Its pretty sad that we STILL have to do this every single time you login game.
  8. The default is push-to-talk.
    Which means unless you change that, you have to hold right> on the d-pad for anyone to hear you.
    This is the step many people miss.
  9. I frequently am having my mic drop out when I leave a group. I've found two things that turn (league) chat back on. Turning off chat in the settings menu, saving, turning the chat back on saving. That's worked say 75% of the time. A couple of other times that didn't work I got league chat back when I switched phases.
  10. w2tymes wrote:
    Yet seems like such a hard thing to do. Cut your controller on why not your mic? Just sayin.
  11. Have had, as others, this issue. Even posted in the other forum specifically for bugs and issues.
    Found that:
    -Turn on mic before starting game
    -Go to settings, and move just one of the sliders a bit to make it give the 'square' to save new settings, press it to save
    Works, at least for me. Agree it should work already, and sholdn't have to... but at least it solves it. After doing this, can Switch characters and the mic stays working even.
    After that, only issue with mics is either no one else using them (for these issues) or players that do are not 'Push to Talk' and blare their crappy music constantly.
  12. Because Radarx hates you... But seriously, the above posters have already said everything i would have.
  13. get a better mic....I have a Turtle Beach headset and the only time it doesn't work is when the game's chat is down
  14. Abandon wrote:
    your account status doesn't matter.

    turn mic on before you start dcu and then if your settings is still push-to-talk i think you have to hold the right D-Pad button down. i disabled PTT so i'm not sure if that's the right button as i haven't had to do that since i 1st got on this game after turning it off.
    and if you're in a league, go to league management and see where you stand on your league and your priviliges given to you. they may have disabled voice chat for certain group members all together.
    it's sad that i see so many people complaining that "no one uses mics" this may be the reason they don't or can't and when they ask because they have one they get trolled or get immature responses. in the time it took you to "thoughtfully" write out what you did, you could have told him exactly what i just did.
  15. I bought an orb gp1 and te stupid thing just makes a noise its useless...compatibility problem methinks
  16. 1) is your mic plugged in
    2) do you have a mic
    3) would you like to talk to a human or a machine
    4) is the disk right side up
    5) is the digital download right side up
    6) is your game plugged in
    7) do you have the game
    8) do you have internet
    9) is your mic broken
    10) can you speak
    11) ;)
  17. Username000001 wrote:
    I thought it was painfully obvious he was being sarcastic in his post, but I guess some people still need [sarcasm] ____ [/sarcasm] around their posts for it to be interpreted as such......
  18. aandcwarner wrote:
    take it off mute?
    turn it on

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