Cannot hack Grodd's "arrays"

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  1. Good day. I'm a free to play member, using character Ultra Zam. Level 5, Superman-mentored, brawling & gadgets. I've come to an impasse in the game & checking around @ other DCUO forums, they feel it may be a "bad bug". I have completed two of the Grodd missions, He Wants a Devolution and Communication Breakdown, to the point where I've gathered everything necessary to hack the arrays in both missions, but I cannot get "HOLD E" to show when I approach any of these arrays.
    I have scoured DCUO Source, YouTube, & DCUO Wikia, & can't come up w/ much help, sadly. There is one YouTube video concerning Gorillas in the Midst & the character therein just doesn't have these issues.
    Looking @ my Journal:
    For Communication Breakdown, I show the Objective of Get Access Codes from Gorilla Brigadiers on platforms as lit up/complete & Hack Communication Array as not lit up/incomplete, making the mission incomplete. However, I have defeated numerous Brigadiers time & time again & did receive "hack codes", but cannot find a "communication array". I have searched the rooftops time & time again. Have found many interesting things there, like a Saboteur, another guy trying to break into a building, & a "Prince Lugio" or something like that who was a giant King Kong Gorilla Smasher-looking bad guy w/ a helmet of some kind. He pummeled me soundly, but was an interesting find.
    For He Wants a Devolution, I've completed Intro Message and Defeat Gorilla Technicians, but not Hack Grodd's Gorilla Neural Arrays, & they show 0/5.
    I did sell off a bunch of the gorilla tech & parts I had amassed, but don't know if that has anything to do w/ this. I also have approached all "!" marks in the area, obtained what was there, & they now do nothing when I approach them & are now white/inactive.
    The things I see when I approach the neural arrays are other characters swooping in & striking the gadget pose, making the neural array spark, & then it explodes. But then comes back again & again. Same w/ the various gorilla brigadiers, marksmen, & soldiers. Show the same behavior over on the boardwalk w/ the blue & silver units on the ground & the gorilla technicians.
    I'd love to move on in the game, but it appears I can't. I appreciate your guidance & any help you can provide.
  2. awesome!
  3. OK, amazingly enough, after searching for him for a week, I found Scout Tiken, talked to him, & hacked the one array he was working on. He said get the codes & hack the others. I got those codes a week ago. So now, I cannot hack the remaining 4 arrays for some reason. I have fought all the Brigadiers on the platforms nearby, but looks like I still am not getting any additional codes. Sheesh. Are you really only able to hack the one array by Tiken, then have to defeat the Gorilla Brigadier's to get codes to hack the remaining four? Thank you much.
  4. First a bit of general advice, the side mission objects some times are dispersed among the mission area, sometimes they are a special location in the mission areas and sometimes, especially in this case, are above the mission areas (i.e. rooftops.) Super Heroes can fly, run and scale the sides of buildings. So you'll need to think and look in 3d in this game.

    The additional communication areas are on the floating Gorilla platforms in the mission area. With a bit of maneuvering regardless of movement power, you can reach the platforms.
  5. Awesome, huh. Not really. I can't go any further in the game & Level 5 is still just getting out of the gate, apparently.
    I appreciate your positive spin, though!
    I am all over where to look, I just don't get why my Journal shows that I've accomplished what needs to happen before hacking the arrays, yet I can't hack the arrays. Thank you for that guidance, though...all noobs need to heed all advice!
    Thank you both very much & I'm all ears for advice.
  6. You are in the wrong mission area. Select the incomplete mission and hit the Track button on your Journal. Close the Journal and now open up your Map. You'll see the mission area for the "He Wants a Devolution" mission. The rest of the Neural Arrays you need to hack are in that highlighted area. To hack the arrays you go up to them and hit "E" to interact with them. You don't destroy them.
  7. OK, now I'm a Level 6 & have spoken w/ Scout again, & he said something different. He said now that I've hacked the Communication Array, we can get some good intel..."here's to being human". I still cannot get the neural arrays to give me a "Hold E" when I approach them. Can I still complete a Level 5 mission if I'm Level 6?
    Fuzun, man, thank you for the detailed info you've provided. I'll give the Journal another look-see & go from there.
  8. Blast it...that's all it was. Once I went back into the Journal & tracked it, Superman came on & talked about the neural arrays & Flash showing up soon. They became available after that. All is well now. Helping out Devolved Citizens now that I've finally hacked those neural arrays! Thank you mucho!

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