Cannot start due to d3dx10_41.dll missing?

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  1. Good morning,
    I'm have this error pop up every time i try to launch the game, "The program can't start because d3dx10_41.dll is missing from your computer. "
    I purchased the game through Steam, and as we all know anyone who purchased through steam cannot load the game "normally" as it isn't unlocked for another 4 hours through steam. People have explained how to bypass that by going into the game files and running the launcher. This i did yesterday and updated all the game data/patch.
    Now I try to "enter game" and this is the problem i get. Anyone having similar issues? Do I REALLY need to redownload? is it a matter of waiting for the unlock through steam? Why isn't steam releasing the game until AFTER the game is officially launched?
    Sad egg :(
  2. please go to microsofts website

    and look for the direct x download

    download and reinstall.
  3. I appreciate the reply! I wasn't aware it had anything to do with directX. I'm updating as we speak, thanks again! I'll repost with results :)
  4. If you downloaded it through steam, then go to your Steam Folder, DCUniverseOnline and then look for the DirectX folder, and the executive to install the required DirectX.
    Something like this C:/ ....Steam/steamapps/common/dcuniverseonline/DirectX/
    and look for "DXSETUP".
  5. Appreciate the help! I've already downloaded it from microsoft (i did just notice steam provided the "new" updates as well)
    Game is running smoothly, just need the servers to come up from "maintenance" boo (I'm assuming they are still down? )

    If you are running Windows Vista or 7 then update your Direct X

    If you are using Windows XP SP3 then you cannot play the game.

    That DLL is a Direct X 10 DLL which is fine for Vista or Windows 7 but Windows XP SP3 only supports up to Direct X 9C

    So, unlike Sony indicated on the box, the game is NOT compatible with Windows XP SP3

    Sony needs to get their act together

    I certainly wont spend money on any Sony products
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  8. I'm having the same problem. Did you have to reinstall the game to fix the problem?
  9. ccagle1 wrote:

    dude all the answers are above you. You just needto read them
  10. I did read them, I also downloaded DirectX but i still get that message. I'm just asking if reinstalling the game in necessary.
  11. I stalled the exe. and launched the DC, stay this error.
    Now i trying reinstall :S

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