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  1. Now that I've got a 53 CR, can anyone tell me about the weapons in CC, I'd espcially like to know if there's healer Handblasters (my favorite weapon), & if anyone could post the stats for those vs other 113 HB's. Currently I'm using these: Barbed Energy Blasters
    Hand Blast

    Requires Role: Healer
    Requires Level: 30

    Style: Spirit Wolf

    90.7 Damage Per Second
    89 Health
    8 Precision
    27 Might
    87 Restoration

    , & wonder if there's better for a healer.
  2. The best Healer HB drop from the first boss in Kahndaq, 94 resto. They are only 97.1DPS but as a healer there are no higher resto weapons in the game now.
  3. wait till your CR is 68 to get CC MK II weapons 113 Dps. dont waste your MoM on the MK I weapons
  4. yea I would save up them marks for the 113 sparc weapons... however if you start buying the highvoltage healer gear you will hit 68 in almost no time (maybe throw a few alpha/beta mods or some lvl 1 mods just for extra numbers). If you want a 103 weapon run FOS 1 dont waste the marks
  5. Is the HV gear any good? Or reccomended?
  6. its equivelant to the T 2.5 gear you get in the FOS raids... better then T2 not as good as T3 hence the .5 ;)
  7. ArcAngel48 wrote:
    It's actually better than 2.5, people have been calling it "2.75" cause the stats are between 2.5 and 3.
  8. Shivat wrote:
    Best is arguable. Highest Resto? Absolutely, but I wouldn't say hands down best. I wouldn't drop my SPARC Hand Blasters for just a little bit more Resto. I'd much rather keep the occasional proc.
  9. Only need 6 more MOM for my healing sparc blasters!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!
  10. Like somebody wrote before, dont waste your 60 MoM in the MKI that's the 103 dps blue sparc weapon from CC. When you get Combat Rating 68 you can see in that vendor the MKII and cost the same but is purple and 113 dps Sparc Weapon.
  11. Joel12leon wrote:
    How many MoM's does it take & about how long to farm that ? I'm up to 56 CR & haven't really done anything in cc yet . . .
  12. ArcAngel48 wrote:
    You can get CR68 with just the CC Momentum gear and some good mods.
    A healer or troller who runs with a group that uses a lot of spark weapons, the 103 weapons might be worth the 5-7 days it takes to earn the marks.
  13. i found the 103 sparc weapons to be pretty useless. the 113 on the other hand are the best weapons in the game (my opinion).
  14. MysticProphet wrote:
    he said best healer weapon drop in Khan, not best in the game. He said there are no higher resto weapons in the game, he didn't say there weren't better healer weapons..
    You wanna run Khan every week and try to get one of these 94 resto weapons to use... until you get to CR 68. Then you'll be able to see the MKII healer weapons in CC. This is is the weapon you'll wanna use til PBG. You'll take a hit on your resto if you've been using the piece from Khan... But its well worth it for the free proc heals and the harder hitting..
  15. Nay. The jump from 103 to 113 isn't a whole lot. Think about what DPS means. Each hit you dish out to an enemy isn't going to do 113 damage. 113 is the average damage you would be doing with basic attacks (more or less) within the span of a second. That typically amounts to an extra 3 damage per regular attack on an enemy. That aint nothing. The real benefit of the extra damage would from a DPS with damage buffs and combo maintenance in a prolonged boss fight. Otherwise on a typical enemy the extra damage would probably amount to one extra hit required on an enemy to finish them off (probably less than the full amount too).
  16. Would full & modded T2 get me to 68 cr?
  17. IronYoJimBo wrote:
    Most likely no. It depends though. What mods? What mask, rings, trinket, necklace are you using? All that factors into CR. I have the full CC set (including mask, rings, trinket, just no necklace) modded with type 1 and 2 mods and my CR is exactly 68.
  18. Kagekaze wrote:
    I've got (right now) half t1, half T2 with type 1 mods ('cause I haven't dropped any type 2's yet) I'd have to get back to you on the mask, trinket & rings, but with what I have now I have a 56 CR . . .
  19. Why is Central City gear better than T2? Is Central City gear considered T2.5?
  20. Please refer to earlier in the discussion for your answer.

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