City Exobit Spawns Too Rare and too difficult to find

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-Alidar, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. The Exobit spawns in the cities are too rare and too difficut to locate especially more so when you include the number of active players trying to find them, please increase the spawn rate and amount of these, because it makes the new crafting system not worth using
  2. I haven't been having any issues finding them. Certain places they there are 2 nodes on the same building. Once the mad rush cools down,they will be easier to find for those having trouble. Change phase if you having trouble finding any.
  3. I find Gotham has more exo's than located in Metro, just my experience as a flyer :)
  4. Hey Alidair. The best place to find them is Cape Carmine. The ridiculously quick spawn rates that affect the collection nodes also affect the exobit nodes. The spawn rate was not brought "in-line" with other areas as was stated by SOE before. Within any one block are anywhere from three to four spawn points. Four of them occur around the last parking garage closest to the lighthouse.
    This area is heavily farmed but still spawns nodes like crazy.
    Happy hunting. And remember to bring them to Brainiac. Bzzzzzz.
  5. ARCHIVED-yca Guest

    Alidar wrote:
    how about you get out there and get some? i just flew around for 15 mins and came back with 28. it's not hard.
  6. The *problem* is mostly in future/midtown/downtown metro - where the nodes are spread out over an area that has like 3-4x the surface map of the other zones, not only because the map is big but also due to skyscrapers being so tall.
  7. MissFreeport wrote:
    I'm actually debating if they cranked up the Collection respawn rate with the Exobits. I'm thinking this because: I used to go out looking for Collections and find them much further apart and would spend time waiting for respawns (when I was looking for certain sets). I have an Alt's Bank full with some of their inventory of extra collections that I can't sell for much. Things used to sell for 1-2k in hours or less, now they're up for some 100-500. So I thought that people were just actually picking the Collection spawns up now that they're collecting Exobits anyway. Now I go out looking for Exobits and find Collections everywhere, sometimes more than the Exobits.
    So maybe they meant "in-line" with the new higher Exobit rate?

    Oh and to the OP: They're everywhere. While I don't get anywhere near the numbers that people say they can get in so little time, I get plenty.
  8. Alidar wrote:
    The special things you can craft from the Super Speed exobytes are worthless.
    Woo, a soder to grant me superspeed for five minutes!
  9. Alidar wrote:
    I find they are twice more ubiquitous than collection nodes. They can be found on rooftops, ledges, sidewalks, overpasses, rubbles, or even in the middle of a lot or a clearing.
  10. Alidar wrote:
    Heres a tip, dont look for them in Metropolis. Try Gotham, the other city. And No mr December 15th upping these already fast spawn rates will make pretty much everything worthless.. Have you even bothered to look for a Superboy Plaque Rubbing ? or even any Arkham Journals ? or will we read another thread you want these more frequent as well ?
  11. Alidar wrote:
    Ive found loads of these! Just fly around and you will see them quite clearly. They are multi-coloured glowing orbs that up close looks like a machine clog. You cant miss them! I picked up loads just travelling from one mission to another.
  12. I think the only downside of exobit nodes is that they have shorter draw distance than collection and briefing signs.. you have to be closer to make them appear..
  13. Turn up your effects volume, they make a humming sound when you get close. Metro is easier for fliers because a lot of the mid-skyscraper ones are hard to see in acro and ss. Gotham has shorter buildings and the dark background makes the nodes stick out more.
    You should pick a district and focus on running in a particular circle, the nodes usually spawn on ledges of taller buildings, behind vents on roofs, behind billboards and sometimes in the alleyways. They are very rarely on the ground, and appear more frequently when you're about two stories or higher in my experience.
  14. ARCHIVED-Xak Guest

    Alidar wrote:
    Hahahahahaha! Funny...
    Wait... you're NOT joking?
    I keep complaining to league members that a mission that used to take me 3 mins to fly to, now takes nearly 10 as I'm incapable of hearing that drone they emit and passing them by and they seem to be EVERYWHERE! You can't fly two blocks without hearing or spotting one. Very often, you'll see a chain of them, three or four one after the other in direct line of sight of the last!
    I will admit, I have spent a bit of time activly hunting them, a whole CD's length of hunting on the Uptade launch date and the day after. Other than that, I've only been picking them up on the way to other locations or while waiting for PvP queues to pop or our league members to get a raid organised... and I've totally modded out my Healer & DPS PvE gear as well as my Healer PvP gear and STILL have about 6 or 7 stacks of 16 exobits sat in my bank waiting for better plans.
    If the dev's have to make this any easier, they'd just as well make the things spawn in our inventory because trust me, if you're having trouble finding them now, having more in the open world isn't going to help you much.

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