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  1. Straight to the point C.R. Should increase A players Base Stats. Jens Anderson Himself Said Combat Rating is you Level Soon after you Reach LvL30 an start your End Game Content.
    I recently seen a Post stating that without our Gear a 89 Combat Rating Toon is No Better then a Fresh LvL 30 Toon. an to a Certain Degree this is true Not Counting Skill Points.
    what if for every 10 Combat Rating your Base Skill Defence, Might, Toughness Ect. where to increase.
    Please leave you thoughts an Ideas.
  2. Is the game too hard? Do you need higher stats than what is possible to reach now? Why?
  3. theres no content that this would help with -1
  4. How about getting rid of it altogether
    Combat Rating is the dumbest idea I've ever seen in a game and it was and still is poor handled
    Everyother MMO and game period has levels

    If I'm running DPS and the highest item level gear I have is for a support role I don't place, as long as I've equipped it at least once then it'll count torwards my CR even if i'm not wearing it
    What kind of idiotic thinking is that?
  5. LunchBoxChewey wrote:
    The post is just an Idea like i said i seen other post stating the we should have Innates in our Power sets to make out Power stronger just do to the fact that we are no stronger then a fresh LvL 30. so instead of posting on another Page I posted my own.. PvE is an will always be Easy i'm looking at this more as a PvP stand point to seperate the everyday PvPers from the Ppl That stand around NightClubs that Duel 24/7 thinking they know how to Sync Qs. an Like i said Jens Anderson said it himself CR is out LvL yet it does nothing but allow us into Raids an give Pets extra Life.
  6. I thought a good idea might be once you complete a tier suit those become you new base stats. But it wouldn't give it to you if you skip tier.

    Example 1:
    Say I had an all a t1 suit, all a t2 suit and 3 piece of t3. If I removed all my armor I still would have the stats like I would if I had a full t2 suit on.

    Example 2
    Say I had a full t1 suit, some mix of t2, t2.5, and t3 pieces, and full t4. If I removed all my armor I would have stats like I had a full t1 suit on. This would be so people won't skip tiers mainly that high priced t3 gear.

    Something I think is needed with these t4 operations because if one faction is doing a high level pve content then they need their pve gear. But in the pvp open world there is nothing to stop the other faction from griefing them with their high level pvp gear on.
  7. X-zero wrote:
    You don't want to be attacked? Go to PvE.
  8. kscott190 wrote:
    Wanna calculate actual CR? Read this:
  9. X-zero wrote:
    to me this makes things more complicated myself changing gear depending on what i do if i doing Raids i Troll so that would mean my stats go off that gear.
    when im Solo i Dps i don't have Full T4 Dps Gear so will my stats still be set off my Full T4 troller gear.?
    what about when i PvP will my stats go off PvE gear or PvP gear.
    I think having a Set Increase to you Stats Based of your CR isn't a bad Idea. What if we get extra 4-8 Points to out Stats for every 10 CR Points for a person with 80 CR that only by a 6 point increase thats only an extra 48 Points for all stats
  10. I don't think this makes much sense. You boost your CR with better gear, which has better stats, so essentially, the stats make your CR, CR boosting stats would be... odd.
  11. EvilJohnny wrote:
    an when you take that gear off say when you go from PvE to PvP you would Keep the small stats you Got From the CR you have. just saying is not a bad idea
  12. shadowmist wrote:
    Not really. You should have to earn your spot in PVE and PVP separately. That's why they have their own armor sets.
  13. EvilJohnny wrote:
    Yes two sets of Armor but only one CR
  14. shadowmist wrote:
    CR is meaningless to PVP.
  15. There should be a Innate tree that unlocks to all players after they reach 100sp and nothing but Innates would be in this tree, no stupid useless weapon combos.

    This would reward the players that actually grind thier SP.

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