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  1. So I had mostly tier 2/tier 1 PvE mix with a few duoT2 blues thrown in for good measure. Had the league of Assassins face mask, some crap ring from a LB, and a combat rating of 52. The patch comes out. I replace the tier 1 back with tier 2, and toss my league mask and ring for the superior PvP T3 and suddenly my combat rating is 49!!

    What the frack. Honestly, with only 1 more piece of T2 to get (chest) I have NO idea how to get the CR of 53. Help my noob A$$, you're my only hope. You're not a jedi though, but still my only hope
  2. hollowhaven wrote:
    CR is based on the items in your "possession", not only what you're wearing, it lowers when a certain item that increases your CR is deleted or put away(bank,broker etc...) and by the way, the PvP rings don't have a CR
  3. hollowhaven wrote:
    PvP equip does not help CR. had you replaced with T3 PVE, your CR prob would have jumped by a point or two.
  4. MaxPayyne wrote:
    This. Just run some tier 2 alerts or duos, keep the loot, do not sell it or scrap it and your cr will jump up.
  5. This is what kind of confuses me. So what u are saying CR is based on the armor u have on plus the armor u dont have on but is in your possesion. (not in the bank/storage). That seems kind of strange and weird. Why would armor Im not using, Dont have on, have a bearing on the CR rating?
    So I have to carry armor on me plus the armor I get from drops (duos and the like); and wear it. And my CR wil rise?
  6. Geminimode wrote:
    Unfortunately yes.
    Seems odd, but it's true.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Thats really kind of a messed up system so basically u can have crap armor but carry around some good armor, (maybe not even for your role) and your CR will rise. o_O wow...
  8. First of all, thank you for those who helped and answered my question. It is a strange system and I obviously screwed myself over by gearing up, but at least I can prepare now. Second: replacing the ring with the pvp ring instead of T3 is a no brainer, but how would I quickly get T3 Marks without having a 53 CR? Are you saying to get something I must have something else that requires getting the first thing? Lastly: a negative score? Are you kidding me? My understanding was that the purpose of a forum is to discuss, AID, and learn about the game and inferences you did not discover on your own and help others on the way. You negatively marking this, makes you a b!tch. Thanks again, I am trying to branch out from PvP and get more into the PvE aspects of this game. The help is appreciated!
  9. PvP has no CR lockout so the PvP gear could have a CR of 0 and it wouldn't matter. To get to a 53 now you have to fully replace any T1 pieces you have and re-evaluate the pieces you have for your Trinket, Face, Rings, Neck, and Weapon. Not one piece of it should be PvP gear. If all else fails then you could always throw in a few mod's.
  10. MaxPayyne wrote:
    items in your bank still count toward your CR
  11. soulburn32 wrote:
    All helpful information. I am really surprised at how the system functions, but glad that at least some people know how it works. C U in game!

  12. i see it has been said that weirdly items you own but don't equip affect your CR. are there any rules to this, like do you need to be able to equip the item or just have it. somewhere. i have an alt with no gear. if i put the isis hands, bane belt and raven hood in his bank or inventory will the CR go up or not because he is level 2 just out the ship and they are level 30 items. or should i keep them on my main even though i have a full set of t1 armour and the item level of these 3 pieces is below what i am wearing? this would help me get to CR53 and finally into CC. I am 1piece short of the speedforce suit and have had CC for a couple of month but unable to get in. i didn't know about the CR min when i bought it
  13. martinc74 wrote:
    the items in your bank/inventory have to at least be equipable in order to affect your CR. So if the item requires you to be level 30 before you can equip it then it won't change your CR until you are a higher level. You can always give that toon the items though and the second they can equip them it will raise their CR up immediately. This is how you can often get a fresh level 30 leveled up pretty high.
  14. thanks. i take it it need to be better than the gear you are wearing? or should i hold onto the gear from t1 duos (instead of working towards my salvage 1000 items) even though the speedforce suit is better?
  15. Starblast wrote:
    Correct! But... a word of warning. Sometimes you CR doesn't add up correctly if you carry the items on your person and reach level 30, it will do funny things. It seems to refresh with the introduction of a new level 30 item to inventory.

    It has only happened to me with one toon. Reloading didn't help. I ended up putting my yellow level 70 rings into the shared bank, closing, reopening and returning the rings to the toon for the CR to correct itself.

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