Complete Escaped Inmate Style

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-King_Atom, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. For those interested in the style for villains running the Arkham missions,its pretty cool.

  2. Not trying to bite off ou=f your style in the slightest but I do live the way you toon looks. What 3 colors did you use?
  3. Need three more pieces but it looks great. Wish it had a little more 'sheen' to it though; feels a little flat looking (especially the buckles - look painted on).
  4. That head piece is sweet
  5. GhostTheory wrote:
    Yeah I agree the buckles could be more of shiny metal.
    PhilOsyfee,I used orange,blue-ish grey color,and a skin tone like color for the mask.Which gives off a Hannibal Lecter look on his face or Bane I guess. lol
  6. Okay, so what I do not understand is why I (as a hero) can see a feat for the escaped inmate and steel worker sets in my themed styles feats list? Are these styles that heroes can obtain also or is this an over sight?
    Also why as a hero can I see the entrance to the arkham and steelworks solo instance?
  7. I wish it was baggier. On the smaller body style, it looks more like a hipster escaped inmate.
  8. Just open up Arkham and Steelworks for heroes and open Strykers and Ace Chemicals for villains.
    If I and other heroes can see both those villain dcl6 styles for feats and vice versa im sure for villains/hero styles... open up all 4 missions, make the tweaks necessary for the missions, ...or hot fix'em out. (which I thought they were to have done that already)
  9. konalatorre wrote:
    The reason heroes and villains can see all 4 style feats is because the villain styles fall from the Bot Bounties and vice versa for the villains. If you look at your feats, you will see that there is one for collecting all four styles.

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