Computer won't recognize PS3 controller.

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-zackattk, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. I'm running on Windows 7 Home x64.. Plug the controller in, finds and loads up the drivers.. everything is fine, except it won't let the controller take the Player 1 slot or whatever, the LEDs on my controller just flash. Tried a few different programs for emulating, but DCUO won't recognize any.
    Anybody else having similar issues or know how to fix this issue? I have a sixaxis PS3 controller, it's relatively old though since I bought the PS3 shortly after release and this is one of the controllers that came with (if that would effect anything)

    Thanks for your time and thanks for any suggestions/solutions!
  2. Cptkrush wrote:
    I did follow that, the controller connected fine, but the game wouldn't recognize the controller after that. :/

    Basically it won't connect but is recognized when I don't use that program, but works and won't recognize when I do use it. :(
  3. Make sure it's set to xbox emulation
  4. Claymore wrote:
    Ah, didn't know I had to set it for that, it's working pefectly now! Thanks! :D

    Now if only I could choose a damn power and weapon set :<

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