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  1. There doesn't seem to be one combined thread/guide with the start points of all the side quests for the Contacts Feats.

    I'm missing these from the villans side, any help much appreciated.

    A Family Affair
    School for scandal

    Beauties and the Beasts
    The darkest Side
    Cast a Giant Shadow

    Power Ring Master
    Power ring hunter

    The End of the Beginning
    That Stings
  2. all i know is that the Bang mission is in the area of the green lanterns fighting somewhere around the buildings that have manhunters on them
  3. Stll missing these ones, Someone must know where they are

    A Family Affair
    School for scandal

    Beauties and the Beasts
    The darkest Side
    Cast a Giant Shadow
  4. metanoia wrote:

    I've found 2 of them in case anyone else is looking for the same ones....

    School For Scandal - Is in Metropolis China Town, about a block away from where Cultist Gouge is on a roof, the quest giver is actually under cover in a building.

    Cast a Giant Shadow - Metropolis, on a roof near the Dr Fate bounty fight.

    Any help with the last one greatly appreciated, $10,000 reward for the location if you're on 'For All Seasons' EU server*

    *Thats right I'm talkin to all 20 players on that server!
  5. I need "Hold the line"
    The other one I need is either "Bee Aggressive" or "That Stings" I can't remember.

    All under "The End of the Beginning"
  6. I am still new to MMOs so please excuse this if it sounds dumb. If your missing the side quests how do you know what they are? Where do you find the information?
  7. SuzyHomewrecker wrote:

    That Stings is given by a person on the roof around the square/green area where the workers and stingers are carrying the exobytes, it's in Metropolis. Think Hold the Line and Bee aggressive are both near the metrodome, theres 2 quest givers just across the street.

    In answer to above poster, you can see what you're missing if you look at the Feats menu under solo content - contacts.
  8. Thanks for the info!!

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