Conversion Briefing Open World Locations

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  1. I don't know the order these are supposed to go in because i finished the breifing a few days ago.
  2. awesome stuff dude, great post +1
  3. I didn't notice but when I posted the pictures I made some doubles on accident.
  4. Awesome. Helped me find my last one, thanks!
  5. Thank you for taking the time to post these! +1

    Also, what's the reward for this Briefing? Is it a MoD?
  6. You sir are my idol!!!
    Do you wanna be mates????
  7. CrazyJeebus wrote:
    Classic duster is the reward. If anyone needs the alert or duo briefing locations I can post pictures either tonight or tomorrow.
  8. Can you post a picture of the item from the briefing
  9. This is an awesome style! I want it! thax for giving up the locations. + 1 from me.
  10. Thanks for posting broski, you definitely have a good soul.
  11. Thanks
    got syrup?
  12. good stuff.
    anyone know where Themsyrica: Oathbound is about?

    Flame of Change w/e is the green icons in the Gates raid, not sure if I saw any blues, if any i think they were conversion ones.
  13. For the themyscira briefings there is 2 in the cyclops room 1 to the northeast behind a column and 1 to the southeast next to a statue. There is also 1 in the vanquished boss room above the doorway on the way to fight Circe. The 4th one is in avatar of magics room on the north wall. Hope that helps :)
  14. SuperWaffles wrote:
    hm found the North Wall one, still missing one. Guess I try to check again after reset.
    Missing one conversion one >_< Looks like I have to search every surface in Prime and the T3 Alert again...
  15. Aw man, the conversion briefings are in the prime battleground raid too? I think I won't be getting this style for a loooooong time... :(
  16. metalfenix wrote:
    There is 4 in the open world, 2 in the alert both east side 1 on roof, 1 on the ground. There is 1 in each of the duos I'll post the duo ones later today
  17. Oh, thanx for the reply SuperWaffles. I'll be working my @ss to get to the T3 alert again (I tried the other day but got beaten very bad at the supreme justice judge) and to the duos (finally a reason to do the new duos).
    I want that style, it's awesome.
  18. Heres the duo Briefings the order is: Gotham Hospital, Riverfront Center, Riverside Hotel

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