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  1. Where in the DCUO world does Cyborg's Hand-Cannon drop? It would look great on my character, but I don't want to pay auction house prices for one. I rather farm one, but where does it drop on the hero side or villian and what location?
  2. You get it from the mission in Robinson's Park in Gotham where you have to kill all the titan's..
  3. PandaExpress wrote:
    There, and I have had it drop in the Science Police Mission once...the level 9 mission where you fight Raven in her soul self...but that was a long time aga and it has only happened once
  4. If you can't tell its a villian exclusive drop thats why the price is so high.

    ibrutalilegend wrote:
    How much do these sell for?

    I've had one in the bank since I was a low level.
  6. XZR wrote:
    On the hero side apparently 5 million
  7. ibrutalilegend wrote:
    Gotta love how willing the DC heroes are to provide funds for the Legion's nefarious schemes.
    It drops in the "Shadow of Hell" Instance for villains only.
    I tried to farm it twice. I say "tried" because both times I got on my first run-through. So it must not be too rare a drop. Looking at what the AH prices have become, I wish I held onto the second one. Selling it for $60,000 seemed like I was making a killing back then

    ibrutalilegend wrote:
    This might finally be my chance to become a millionaire!
  9. I sell Doomlord leggings to hero's for 2 Billion...They overpay for everything.
  10. ARCHIVED-XZR Guest

    How much do you think asking for this is being too greedy?

    I know there are people out there with ridiculous amounts of cash, 5mil seems like such a small amount these days?
  11. XZR wrote:
    Thats the lowest I've seen it. Highest was 40 mill

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