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  1. I greatly enjoy DC Universe Online on my PC and I wanted to get a friend or two to play, but they have Mac.
    I was wondering if it was at all possible for SoE to consider making this game compatible for Mac OS.
    I tried desperately to get the port from PortingTeam - http://portingteam.com/files/file/7...niverse-online/ to work as best as I could, but I utimately couldn't get the game to run. Yes folks, it can be done.
    But why must people go through the hassle of trying to use a port? Why can't we have DC Universe Online on Mac? I'm a PC guy myself but still, I would love Mac OS compatability as much as the next guy.
    So what do you think? Should DC Universe Online consider a Mac OS version?
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    The Mac community plays by playing within Bootcamp. Your friends will know how to do this. They most likely have bootcamp set up already
  3. yca wrote:
    Windows 7 - Bootcamp -15 inch Macbook Pro
    It can be done
  4. yca wrote:
    You are half right there yca. I play on both Mac and PC and for a mac user to set ip bootcamp isn't too hard if they're not a total dingus but they also have to have a copy of windows.
  5. What kind of 'gamer' admits to having 'friends' that own a Mac? Is this some kind of belated April Fools joke??
  6. Thaumasurge wrote:
    Porting a PC game to the Mac is a huge, pointless endeavour.
    There are large differences in memory management, graphics and basic OS concepts. People don't generally use Macs to play games (barring BootCamp and other such tweaks). Getting the game to run would be one thing. Getting the game to behave and play as good, smooth and fast as on the PC would take a lot of time and money.
    OUR time and money (e.g the money we pay for). I don't want my subscription money to go into something as pointless as a Mac port. You have a Mac, find a solution yourself! It was your choice to buy it and I'm sure gaming was not on your mind at the time.
    I'd much rather they invested that time and effort into new content, bugfixes and extended gameplay mechanics (weaponsets, powersets, etc).
  7. "Why can't we have DC Universe Online on Mac?" I welcome a Mac port, if there is a market for it (= if there is enough demand for a Mac version). I highly doubt this is the case with DCUO, though. And that would be the main reason why there hasn't been an official Mac version of the game. Show SoE that there is enough demand, and maybe they'll think of it? It has to be profitible deal for SoE to even think of this.
    While I use a Windows machine as my primary computer, I do have boxes with Linux installed and I have had a few Apple (iPad, Macbook Pro) products. In other words: I have years of experience with several operating systems. Macs are not inferior to Windows machines in general - in fact, both operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages over the other, but that is a different topic. I know I used to play on my Macbook Pro every single day, and the gaming community is growing on the Mac side (it's exploding on iPad and iPhone). So I do understand the call for support. It's been getting better ever since Blizzard showed support for WoW on Mac and since Valve chose to support the plattform with native ports of their games (Half Life 2, Left for Dead, Portal and so on). While I agree on the subject that developing for the Mac plattform parallel to the Windows version can be an expensive task (for a company), if trying to port natively, I do think there are alternatives for companys to port their games to Mac/Linux - in a more easier and less expensive way. In this case, using Bootcamp is an useful alternative, but one that actually dismisses the point of buying a Mac, because you have to keep booting between the two operating systems (and therefor managing and taking care of two operating systems), just to use an application not supported on Mac, which can be a real pain. A virtual machine is nice, at least for simple stuff (like ressource-friendly programs), and while virtual machine solutions have been improving (Parallels, Virtualbox, VMWare etc.), even in terms of 3D-gaming capabilities, they are still too ressource hungry (you'll be running two operating systems on one machine, which is extremly fatal for serious gaming - at least if you're trying to run ressource hungry games/applications). The easiest and most ressource-friendly alternative (to port a game to Mac/Linux) would be to use a Wine-based solution, which has successfully been done in the past. For example: https://gametreemac.com/
    Two of these mentioned alternatives, which come to my mind instantly, would be (Wine based solutions: http://www.winehq.org/):
    1) Transgaming solution (this was known as Cedega back in the day, a Wine-fork, that went its own way later). Link: http://transgaming.com/
    2) Crossover Games (you could say this is the commercial version of the Wine project). Link: http://www.codeweavers.com/products/#cxmac
    There have been several ports using this kind of technology (mostly with Transgamings solution), instead of porting the games natively (which can be expensive). This method is less expensive and much faster to use, implement and service, because the existing technology (Wine) is similair to what we use on Windows. Anyway, as a Mac or Linux user (= for the end-user) there is only one solution, which is worth trying at the moment: Crossover Games. If you look at the compatibility-list provided by Codeweavers (for Crossover Games), you should be able to find DCUO, which is ranked with a gold medal (there are: Gold, silver, bronze medals). This means, that the application should be able to install and run almost flawless on your Mac/Linux machine (similair to Windows) - at least according to advocates/testers, since the application is not officially supported by Codeweavers (there are offcially supported applications/games, but DCUO is not one of them).
    Link: http://www.codeweavers.com/compatib...me/?app_id=8408
    Please note: None of the above mentioned methods are actually officially supported by Sony Online Entertainment. These are merely work-arounds, provided by third parties, if you're desperate to play on OSX. So: Out of experience I know that the from Codeweavers supported apps often run O.K, but as for everything else: It can be buggy, slow, crash your computer and so on. In other words: This type of (not officially supported) application is often a "hit or miss" situation. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  8. Aqua25 is a boss! Just ignore the people who try to put u down and act like were still in the dark ages and Mac gaming is still in its infancy or it's a fail to call yourself a gamer and have Mac using friends or some kind of nonsense like that. Sony fails. They're entirely out of the loop with regard to the state of Mac gaming and the level of support a Mac version would get. I've asked about it myself and they're not even thinking about it. Don't worry though, the Mac game developing hobbyists are there for you and independent ports are being developed everywhere. It's just a matter of time before DCUO is unofficially a Mac game also! Cheers! ;) -Takeyo

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