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  1. Vennen New Member

    Hello there

    im an old player from the release and came back to DCUO now.

    So i have some questions and i hope you can share with me your wisdom (sorry for my english too)

    1) whats the Skillpoint max now? i heared 120? wow

    2) im an Ice Char and wondered whats better for dealing damage. Precision or Might? Im used to Dual Pistols.
    If you go on Might whats the max? and whats your Prec with this set?
    If you go on Prec, whats the max?

    atm i have 1420 might and 300 prec (a good value 12 month ago)

    3) where do you get the best equipment atm? T3 with FoS Raid Marks?
    an additional DCU Packet?
    are there special items outside the raids with superior stats (prec or might)

    i know there are several true builds possible and nobody can tell me MY perfect build ^^

    thanks for your help
  2. The only advice for you I have is to stop using Dual Pistols if you want to dps. Also don't switch to MA.
  3. Vennen New Member

    oh so dual pistols are "not so powerfull" anymore? the aoe is nice?

    what weapon do you prefer instead?

    And what is MA?

    thx for your answer
  4. You are ice, so your best bet is to choose a melee weapon such as Dual Wield, One-handed, Brawling or Staff. Two-handed can be good but its pretty hard to get a full combo. Best gear would be from the new raid released (T4) and you can tell from the new queue/group finding interface. Most important stat for ice, in my opinion since others may disagree, would be precision.
    My build for Ice = bitter winds, ice bash, frost snipe, reflection, wintry tempest, and freeze ray.
  5. All the high end and skilled dps I know use melee weapons. 1H, DW, Staff. They all have great range charge attacks (DW is a little meh) and have strong AOE in melee range, great clipping options, as well as giving 15% bonuses critical weapon attack damage and 20% control resistance.
  6. Vennen New Member


    i changed from melee to ranged because of the raids and because non-tank-meleed died like flies :(

    so now melee weapons are better? or only in duos/has?
  7. Melee.
    And try winter ward on your dps load out.
    I think might before T3 was 1822 cap, precision was 465 :)
    Go for 1600+ might and 380+ precision. Use staff, practice focus spin And obtaining ice form with cold bash. For trash clip downward smash with Ice carpet/winter ward/frostbite w/chance to encase/and resonating gale on encased enemies. Don't bother with winter ward as a weapon clip on almost dead mobs. The dps comes from the reflect damage your team gets, so you want full hp enemies.
    Your main focus will be using powers accordingly. Once you learn the health points of the mobs you will learn whats necessary to clip with as far as power consumption and results. Using heavy hitting powers around 600 damage isn't worth it for power cost to finish off a mob with 100-200 hp. Which is where winter ward or reflect can come in to play of there are a few fresh mobs still up and you have aggro. The reflected damage will finish off the add and give you some dps on the fresh mob you newly aggro.
  8. Vennen New Member

    are you sure with the melee stuff?

    I tried FoS3 yesterday and the bosses hate Melees ^^
  9. actually fos 3 in my opnion is one of the most melee dpsed fos raid.
    U cannot stay melee 100% of the time.U gotta be aware of ur surrounding and knowwhen to block and roll out of the way and when to get back in and start doin heavy hitting melee combos.Like disasterpiece stated above. almost all the top dpsers i know preferes melee.If u keep dying then add a shield to ur loadout until u can learn to effectivly melee dps without a shield and rely on the tank to keep aggro and the healer to heal ya

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