Decorating Friends Lairs.

Discussion in 'PS' started by Purple Diesel, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Purple Diesel New Member

    This is to Discuss the Reasons and Possible fixs to the current problems of not being able to actually decorate friends Lairs by either replacing ammenities or even placing basic furnitures from your Friends Base inventory inwhich you are trying to decorate.

    Currently all we are able to do is manipulate items already in place.

    We the players understand that we can not place our base inventory items into another friends lair. What we want to know is why cant and when will we be able to place and switch out furniture/ammenities from friends Base inventory into friends lair with all proper permissions being given?
  2. Purple Diesel New Member

    please people if you read this thread leave a comment so we can address the issues.
  3. Purple Diesel New Member

    crafty craft it seems you dodged this question well even though you were the original poster of this thread. now though, with the new forurms I guess you have washed your hands of any responsibilitys to the community on this subject. well played CRAFTY CRAFT, you most certainly are.
  4. MAXIMUS Active Member

    I did not test it yet because only allowed until now that my friends would go to my base. But are you sure that the person tried to change after you give permission for it? And she has a detail base too? That is, rather than level 12?
  5. pulsaren New Member

    I have my own base and i cant place anything cause nothing appears...
    once i chose "pick up everything" (althought ive got nothing placed, cause i cant place a thing) and next every object on my base inventory appeared for the first time... and then it dissapear ... any ideas?

    if you own a base you can set permission for other people to customize it, ask your friend to add your name to that option, that would do it i think...
  6. MAXIMUS Active Member

    I have two bases on the PC. And I have not had any problems. Do these problems are not only on the PLAYSTATION 3? I play the Playstation and also realize that there are several errors that happen in it that do not happen on the PC.
  7. Purple Diesel New Member

    they still have not fixed the permissions for decorating a friends lair, all you can do is manipulate objects that your friend has already placed out in his/her lair. the permission to let friends decorate is a joke. Here is the deal your base is only as good as your ammenities, even with that for your friends to benefit from your ammenities since they cant switch out your items even with proper permissions granted, I purchased two extra deeds and have my ammenities availabe at each location, example my sparfarm has respec, sparring target, sodervendor and bank, I'm sure you can imagine what is at my Modstation or my Auction house. with that I then give league permissions so that they to can take advantage of my ammenities, to bad they have to travel to each location though, ******.

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