Demon Horns

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  1. Patogen New Member

    Can anyone please tell me where to get this item?
  2. I get that style from the vault pretty much every day.
  3. If you mean the glowing horns they are called "avatar of sin" and they come from doung all the "sins of the father" blue investigations.
  4. Patogen New Member

    Ahhh thank you
  5. Patogen New Member

    wilv79 wrote:
    Where are the blue marks? Are they around where you fight the teen titans for the first time?
  6. Sins of the Father Part I is in Chinatown.
    Sins of the Father Part II is in the Tomorrow District.
    Sins of the Pather Part III is in Midtown.
    Sins of the Father Part IV is in Robinson Park.
    This website has the locations of all of them. I suggest you follow it, otherwise you will spend your whole life trying to complete the set. There are 25 briefings between all 4 parts, and you need all 25 in order to get the Avatar of Sin headpiece.
  7. wilv79 wrote:
    sweet ..i was gonna ask this i dont have to :D

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