Dexter Myles' Audio Tour Briefs locations!

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-King_Atom, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. A person on the PC forums took screenshots of all the metro and gotham locations for the Dexy Myles briefings.񨟇

    Pennry wrote:
  2. King_Atom wrote:
    TY you the man for posting this
  3. No problem,hes also working on the deathstroke briefings as well I think.
  4. Anyone know the rewards for these collections yet?
  5. Karnevil wrote:
    A purple epic item I think like the star mask one....but its the piper style mask the guy from the new duo! It looks similar to the death specter mask but with a pointy hood.
  6. King_Atom wrote:
    Let us know if you find the other briefs locations.
  7. Deadpool5241 wrote:
    Yeap,anything new i will post it asap!

    Just finished this briefing and its not a purple item like the lantern briefing its just a blue style called "Hood of the Piper"
  8. Your welcome,Im still looking out for any deathstroke briefings guide.

    OK another very rough guide on the deathstroke briefings....not all of them have picture locations but most are explained in detail where they are located.;topic_id=41262
  9. complete picture guide of all locations are up now!

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