DLC 5 Hand of Fate Armor styles

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  1. well i would like to know what are they called ( i mean the name of each any every style of em from left to right please =b ) and how to obtain them especially the one on the left circled in red

    Thank you and hoping to get replies
  2. The one you circled is the Runes of the Norseman style. It can only be found by winning the Runic Codex boxes that drop after any of the DLC 5 Operation Raids. This style can only be crafted with the mats listed which start with 30 marks of war.

    far left = Runes of the Acients which can only be found in the T4 Alert Wayward Souls
    middle = Runes of the East which can only be found within the Operation Raids as a item lvl 76 drops
    right = Runes of the Norseman see my above description
  3. Loving these styles! Have already incorporated some into my main. Like the glowing highlights. Best option I've had until these is the Arcane and Hera's Strength (in my avatar and sig).
  4. Anyone else having trouble getting drops for Tank in the Runes of the Ancient style?
  5. MrFunktaztyk wrote:
    I see them from time to time, but if you put a gun to my head I would say 60%+ of the time Wayward drops troller stuff.

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