DLC3 Conversion Briefings (complete)

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  1. e: location for first briefing added (thanks Pennry)
    1-4: Old Gotham (open world),
    5: Riverside Center,
    6: Gotham Hospital,
    7: Riverfront Hotel,
    8-9: South Gotham Courthouse
    Reward: Classic Duster chest

    1. Vicki Vale.
    2. Batman/Oracle
    3. Seismologist
    4. Lex Luthor
    5. Lois Lane
    6. Braniac
    7. Vicki Vale/Batman
    8. Prosecutor
    9. Prosecutor/Supreme Justice
  2. Your order is right but your pictures are off. And I still need that first oen as well.
  3. There, fixed. This would be much easier if they simply used regular bbcode for image attachments instead of this convulted WYSIWYG junk.
  4. Why'd you blur the character? usually people just blue the character name on the top-left.

    Honestly, since some of them have a peach/beige color down the middle of the blur... at first I thought you blurred out a ***nis.
  5. Kanniballl wrote:
    Maybe they just play with really low graphic settings on their characters to help with lag...:p
  6. The first briefing is on top of Gotham Hospital, North-East corner.
  7. the big peach color in the mosiac looks like someone is exposing themselves indecently. Best collection screen shots ever.
  8. I just took the misc screen caps and put them together on one map and added the Sub-Avatar locations in blue. Hope this helps, thanks to Clarinetta for their work.
  9. Nice - thanks so much for sharing!

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