DLC6 Home Turf: Arkham Island Feedback/Discussion

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  1. Hi everyone!

    There’s a lot of fun stuff coming at you with the launch of the Home Turf DLC. In this thread, we will discuss the new content on Arkham Island.

  2. deliberate acts of violence... Where is the Recon officer?

    Edit/ Yeah, I'm an idiot he spawns from a little tornado thingy
  3. I dont remember wat the feat is call bout i reset arkham and fought robin and then black canary and didnt get credit for either of them. Also how is it it possible for villians to get biohazerd styles if thats only for ace chem missions.
  4. Some more clear directions would be nice. Myself and a couple league mates puzzled them out but the directions as presented leave a lot to be desired.
  5. It says I need to wrap something in vines. Should my loadout have changed?
    I am in disguise
  6. No u have to go over to the seeds that are at the garden and turn the switch, and ull get an item to put on ur belt. Then go bak over to the goons and throw the item at one of them and kill him and u shud get credit. Hope that helps.
  7. gadgets wrote:
    If you mean the "Corner of Gotham and Vine" feat, you need to wrap the Gotham Hero with vines using Stolen Quick-Grow Vine Seeds during the fight.
    I checked with the Systems team and have learned that it IS possible for Villains to get the Biohazard style items. But I've been asked to not reveal how it is done :p
  8. Goetosyrus wrote:
    Gotcha. I'll continue to look at the messaging in these missions and see where the information on what to do can be improved.
  9. With all the new content there are a lot more people on the island and in the game in general. And with arkham seemly having a low collection spawn rate could the collection drop rate be slightly increased in here as well as the other areas where the new content takes places.
  10. X-zero wrote:
    Currently there are no plans to change the collection spawn rate in the new content areas, but we'll keep an eye on them and can tweak if necessary.
  11. Was not able to locate the Arkham Scout Officer (not sure if that's his name but something like that...) to complete the mission where you have to instigate fights amongst the villain groups at Arkham. The area he's supposed to be in is quite small, but searched for about 10 minutes before the world crashed and not one sighting.
  12. Joykiller wrote:
    The Recon Officer is stealthy, but he kicks up a swirl of dirt where he's hiding. Look for that.
  13. gadgets wrote:
    LOL. I did that but missed the instruction that something was in my inventory to equip.
  14. 2 things:

    1. When you are fighting the police commander after blocking the bridge, if he gets knocked off the bridge he comes back full strength. I knocked him off the bridge 3 times in one fight before he finally destroyed my armor and I had to give up. He is tough enough to beat without allowing him to respawn full power. Can you do something to prevent him from going off the bridge?

    2. Better instructions would be nice. Especially since some of the people in the game decide it's more fun to give you smart answers than help you figure it out. I didn't know about the seeds in my inventory either. Ended up finishing that part, but it was by the grace of the people around me knowing what to do and me leeching off their success. Still took me a good hour to finish as I just kept fighting people and getting credit every once in a while though I didn't have a clue how. Then when I went in my inventory to collect the loot, I saw the seed pod.
  15. Please speed up the Spawn time on Collections and the amount that spawn at the same time.
    At 4am i use 2 R & D scanners..... in 30 min i found 4 collections. This was when i was alone on the Island.When there are others here its near impossible to farm any.
  16. The posion ivy section seems bugged.I go to designated area in the graveyard while transformed kill the enemies but cant wrap them up.
  17. epicclutz1 wrote:
    You have to equip the seeds you collected first. They should be in your inventory.
  18. akaIvy wrote:
    I don't understand what seed pods there was no prompt to collect any seed pods before starting the mission.
  19. Never mind found them
  20. Maybe a more clear direction on where to get the seeds and freeze tech would be helpful. I remember being told to get the freeze tech but not where to get it. I just stumbled on it while killing random adds for awhile. I still did not realize I had to equip the tech in my inventory though. Once I figured that out I noticed I had 5 stacks of them in my inventory. Originally I thought the mission was just glitched and missing cogs after i defeated the enemies so I logged out. Upon returning I noticed nothing had changed. Then I figured out how to use the freeze tech and paid closer attention to the mission brifeings for the next one. The problem may be that I logged them all at once so while i'm getting a briefing I was already talking to the next bot and the instructions never repeated. So I decided to use a replay and the next part opened up. A description change would be nice. How about mentioning in there that replay badges or 5 days will be required to complete this mission.

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