DPS Skill Points where to invest?

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  1. I just switched to Hard Light and wanted some tips on DPS for PVP and PVE. I have full T2 gear with T3 chest and legs. I also have T3 MoC DPS Bow. Now should I place my marks in all Might and then Critical Attack chance 4% I currently have 54 skill points on this character and would like to know where to invest as I am new to DPS. I have rolled healers only so any input would be appreciated.
    For DPS should I stack
    Critical 4%
    Crticall chance 1%
    then etc...
    How does it work? I know to stack powers 35% 45% 50%-60%, but for any DPS out there I just want to know where to place my skill points In the skill tree first. I see myself behind others on DMG. I mean my downfall is probably on the low 54skill points, but idk. I’m able to cover all might and the 4% critical with that.
  2. I personally go for might first. The other ones, I have experimented with and still haven't come to a conclusion which is best. Right now, I have around 65 sp's on my DPS. "Might is right" especially for HL DPS.
  3. bang for your buck, might.
    after might, 1%. better to crit then not crit.
    then 4%. to increase the value of the crit.
    after all that being said and done(probably around 76 sp, depepending on your movement mode), i personally go for vit. i like power. then i go for the movement innates...again cause i like power. then health or defense, different views on this, but at that point your well in the 90's and aproaching 100sp.
  4. ATARI wrote:
    Sweet, I've been going Might then 4%. I will respec and go the other route tonight. I have test all the 4% and 1% with no might, but ehhhh. So might to 1% it is. Thanks for the insight.
  5. Critical chances evenly, then might.
    The criticals affect weapon and power damage. Get those first. I'm a 80 sp gadget DPS.
  6. Harry_Truman wrote:
    ^ woomp there it is. If you invest in might it only effects one type of attach however if you go w crit then your powers and weapon attacks go up, espec after popping your fos trinket :)
  7. Everyone is taking the perspective of the "Normal" DPS Spec..........but you clearly stated that you are Hard Light. Hard Light only goes off of Might for the Initial Hit of a Power, then Precision/DPS for each subsequent Power Usage within the Combo String (At least this is how I understand it to be). I would propose it to be wise to spec Crit Chance then Crit Magnitude, and Might as a last choice.
    Also, it's not entirely wise to go from Lowest to Highest in the Combo Chain as the Initial Power Used is the one that you base your Combat Multiplier upon. W/E flows best for you is good to start with, but take into account w/e has the best Flow w/ the highest Combat Multiplier would most likely be your BnB Setup.
  8. Might
    Plus crit
    plus crit dmg

    in that order
  9. zanth420 wrote:
    I like how the rest of us gave reasons but you just said "this is the best cause i said so" lol
  10. iamhector24 wrote:
    lol sorry I should In my opinion! I just think it is better to crit more then crit harder at least till you can get all of them!
  11. You're gonna get more out of critic chance then critic damage then might. Hard light does construct combos, only the first hit is might based, all consecutives are precision. Plus crit chance and damage affect everything you do where might is just powers, with hard light that means only the first move you use off your loadout.
  12. On my phone atm so I can't edit, but wanted to add I am a hard light dps
  13. You need an equal distribution of crit damage and chance for maximum DPS. It's better to have a medium chance to have decently damaging criticals than high criticals that never happen or frequent criticals that hit for nothing.
    Deadpool tested this with actual mathematical numbers, look at it in his guide. That's the best way to spec.
  14. Critical attack and chance first first, both evenly distributed.
    First of as stated it also affects your weapon damage output.
    Secondly and more important: It stacks with the upgrades in your gear. As you gain mightier dps gear due to crit being percentage based it will amplify those increases whereas might gives you a one time power damage multiplier bonus.

    Someone on these boards has already done the algebra but it is also very noticable in game to not need mathematical verification.

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