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  1. Dual Wield is extremely OP right not. If anyone says it is not they are sadly mistaken. Every premade in the game is running dual wield at every role. Trollers hitting for over 2k dps for over 3k, healers over 2k. Now lets talk about the spammable block breaker. It should be brought in line with one handed where you have to hold triangle to block break. I am sure this will get lots of nasty comment and votes but, you all know it is true, just watch some of the you tube channels on here and you will see how many dual wield are actually being used. I was hoping to see the nerf in the patch notes but that did not happen.
  2. They did slow down how fast you can swing the weapon in U10 and I agree that all Block Breakers should be a charged triangle, not a spammable one
  3. Yea, I also constantly see people spaming the [Hold Square attack].
  4. I have also used that triangle, but it felt somehow cheap so I changed to martial arts. The only thing that I am missing from DW is that huge dmg on MULTIPLE targets instead of divided dmg on enemies like MA has.
  5. it needs to be slowed down to where brawling or 2-hand is...
    Martial Arts needs to be fixed too, I can be done with my heavy shiruken and still be hard stunned 4 seconds after. That's dumb..
  6. It's working as intended.
    I don't see the reason why people complain about it so much?

    In PVP, you see most players using dual wields/melee weapons
    In PVE, you see most players using the bow/ranged weapons

    Some weapons are better for PVP and some weapons are better for PVE
  7. walledcity wrote:
  8. walledcity wrote:
    Yeah and TK was working "as intended" for 7 months before it was "fixed"
  9. Stop complaining..........." if you can't beat em, join em"
  10. Dual Wield is the third slowest weapon in the game, it is supposed to hit hard. If you can't block the dual flurry you just need to work on your reaction time. The block breaker has a VERY long window in which it can be interrupted; for instance if someone is tapping triangle with dual wield you have about 5 seconds to lunge them and hard stun them even if they start a combo; Martial Arts still has a better block breaker. Also, Two-Hand hits on average about 400-500 more on its hard combos, as does brawling. Staff also hits very hard and has a large potential for big burst damage.
  11. Dual wield is messed up right now and here's why: With 113.1, each tap square does 40 damage, 3 hits is 120 damage, that quick swipe on the third hit does 250, if you hit all four attacks, you did 370 damage, in 2.5 seconds, that's 138 damage per second, tadahh. I have a thread where I tested weapons, it's called weapons guide. The block breaker for dual wield's counter window Is 1.5 seconds from the time you tap triangle, it takes .5 seconds to do the animation, 1 second to breakout of a hardstun, so the block breaker is just like every other block breaker in the game, detrimental if you miss. Dual wield does the most damage in the shortest time period, is the hardest to counter, and is basically op.

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