Error code 1048

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Sgt Bombero, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Sgt Bombero Active Member

    Can't login. Anyone else getting this or know how to get past it?
  2. ZEUSofGODS Well-Known Member

    I was going to make a post as well... Same message!!! I can't log in!!!
  3. ZEUSofGODS Well-Known Member

    Guess its back to baruta ninja storm!!!
  4. Curse Bringer Well-Known Member

    arrragh! cant claim double sc because i cant log in !
  5. thoughtpatern Active Member

    Server issue probably
  6. Sgt Bombero Active Member

    Thanks Devs...Happy Easter
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  7. KnightFalz Member

    I'm not getting an error code, but I can't log in either, I just keep getting prompted to try again.
  8. Revan3200 Member

    same here whats going on i was able to log in 3 hours ago but i had to get off for some sleep after all cant spend ever hour on dc :cool: even though if i could i would
  9. Harbinger New Member

    No error code either, just a popup stating there was an error.
  10. thoughtpatern Active Member

  11. Harlequin Well-Known Member

    Click Play, get an error message.

    edit: All good now.
  12. BarryLight New Member

    You guys should get a terms and conditions page after a while, then an update, and into the game. Worked for me anyway, just now got to log into the forums as well or I would have posted here as well.

    Edit: Holy mother of pearl, you sly devs you, did you update my graphics, or has it been 8 hours, I think they upgraded the graphics, WOOT!
  13. Curse Bringer Well-Known Member

  14. BornRich New Member

    It's back uo
  15. Sgt Bombero Active Member

    Yup what that guy said above. Its working again
  16. Goetosyrus Active Member

    Updated graphics, yeah seems like a good idea when lag and rendering issues are still so bad.
  17. Curse Bringer Well-Known Member


  18. 478874 Well-Known Member

    Been happening to me since last night. What did you guys do to fix this, persistence?

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