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  1. So obviously Old Gotham and Central City are the easy places to farm. There are maps for everything but Exobits. The areas are now getting crowded with farmers.
    Who is going to make us all happy so we are not all farming the same locations at all hours.
  2. I need to add SteelWorks as another easy farm location. Not many people float around there unless they are looking for Starfire.
    I just do not have the time to make a map...who is going to make us happy?
  3. worth wrote:
    well now that last post is going to make Steelworks crowded too lol.
  4. Outs01 wrote:
    Everybody likes to have secret farm locations.
    I dislike that. I rather the locations for a good farm be revealed to push the development of maps.
    The price for Reds are stupid.
  5. Reminds me of Champions Online
    People kept asking for the best place to smash objects really quickly... because that would spawn their nemesis quicker
    Whenever someone posted one, it would become crowded in-game

    Which is why I kept my favorite spot all to myself. Nobody ever uses it or post(ed) about it in the forums, and was WAY more effective than anything people kept agreeing on was being the best.
  6. Kanniballl wrote:
    Greed is stupid.
    Share and share alike.
    The economy is already stupid.
  7. I should also add the Bane Area.
    So many T3 peeps around there... silly bears.

    edit: was asked by a shy player on my AIM [of all things] asked me to post that exobits are quite common on rail tracks and elevated roads.
  8. I like to grab them on my way back to the nightclubs after bouncers knock me 6 blocks away.
  9. Gotham. Seriously, I have areas I prefer to farm in because I know where the spots are, but I honestly think that everywhere spawns about the same. Pick a quiet spot and learn the spawn points.
  10. It takes too long time to make maps, since the spawn nodes change location every few hours.
  11. That and it's that much easier to spot a tiny glimmer of light in the dark streets of Gotham than in shiny Metropolis.
  12. Quetzhal wrote:
    Unless you are quite familiar with the spawn points, Gotham will be substantially easier due to the lower buildings to keep you in range to hear the humming and greater contrast visually.
    Turn your in-game music and chat down to 0 and leave the game sound effects on; much like Collectables, Exobits give a faint humming sound when you get near.
  13. Agent026 wrote:
    I wouldn't really agree here. The big difference is that the spawns density (nodes per cubicmeter) is much higher in gotham in general. The area with the most exobits is also the area where the collections has the least worth and this is not a coincidence. Most of the buildings are pretty low there, compared to the skyscrapers in Metropolis and the surface area you have to cover to find them at all is simply much more at metro than compared to certain location in gotham.
    Being easier to spot visually is an factor, but the big thing is that there's simple "fewer" of them.
  14. I think it should be noted that only in metropolis have I gained a full exoBYTE from a node, one vengeful and one durable. I also farm gotham myself because the dark background is easy on my eyes, but at the same time I notice many more nodes containing 1 or 2 bits. But everytime I'm flying around the "harder" metro places looking for the oan disabler nodes, the exo nodes there regularly give 2 or 3 bits each.
    The ideal place to farm is not somewhere that has less people, it's somewhere you can knock out two birds with one stone. If you're missing a set of collections then find out which areas of which city has those "harder" collection's your missing and farm both simultaneously. Also, just like how the colleciton nodes work... There more people gathering, the faster they refresh.
  15. I really don't understand why people are willing to pay so much for these things. They're everywhere. I get all I need and then some just by ambling between locations instead of using supersonic. It makes me wish I were legendary because I'd be a millionaire in no time.
  16. I found a lot of bytes in Gotham.. I think it's either random or based on how long an exobit lingers without being farmed (e.g 10 mins = 1 bit, 20 mins = 2 bits, 1+ hour = 1 byte).
    Anyway, Gotham ftw! Aside from the dimmed light, there seem to be places where you can hop from one bit to another without having to look very far.
  17. NoxSeth wrote:
    I flew around Central City for near an hour and many of the same nodes produced 2 Exobits. I am sure none of them were waiting near 20 min. Like most things in MMO's I am sure it is a % table.
    Gotham, being a good place to farm, is not as awesome as Metro in some areas. The nodes are stupid easy to spot. I have noticed areas with few or no "?" have more exobit nodes.
  18. aphthakid wrote:
    When you're trying to get full II mods in your gear for both roles, that's 96 bytes, for a total of 768 bits, 1152 bits for full III. Add more for each piece of gear you upgrade and replace, and add more for soders.
    If you're using nothing but beta and I mods, sure, you can quickly be done, but if you're actually trying to use good quality mods, you need to actively do some farming or buying.
  19. Treasonx wrote:
    Oh, sure, I understand the demand, just not the prices. Not that I'm complaining. I roll up a new alt, first thing I do after the tutorial is go find one exobit, pop up to the auction house, and BAM all the money they'll ever need without having to use my more advanced toons to buy things for them, trade piles of colas, etc..,. Lot less hassle. All my toons are at max money (I'm premium) whenever I want for basically zero effort.
  20. Heroes should farm them @Robinson Park on the PVP phase.

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