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  1. I had an idea for SOE/DCUO that may have already been talked about but here I go...
    Offer a token in the Shop for players to change from a Villain to a Hero or from a Hero to a Villain.
    You could provide the option for them to change their mentor or simply use the opposite mentor that they are currently using. Example : Lex Luthor or Superman / Circe or Wonder Woman / Joker or Batman
    Some difficulties I forsee with this is the feats Hero's or Villains have already acheived on their specific side that may be Hero or Villain specific. I forsee it unable to entitle them to that feat once they change factions.
    Let's face it, in the DC universe people can change. Hero's can turn Villainous and Villains can find that soft spot in their hearts and turn that into Heroic acts!
    For a price in the shop I would pay for this as well. To experience the other side without have to re-roll or re-level a power type I already have and start over skill point wise.
    Even with the minor set back of loosing the Villain only or Hero only feats those can be re-done and shouldn't be a big deal. Most of them are solo-able, minus of course the Duo and Hard Alert feats.
    Just an Idea... This idea may not be well received... I just ask before praise or scorning begin that you keep in mind it is just an idea and one I just wanted to offer to potentially help DCUO that is all. No harm or malice is meant, only a constructive idea that could help SOE/DCUO earn some more cash.
    Especially is this crucial if you have a league of people who decide to change sides. Instead of having to re-roll or re-level a character many may feel they don't want to put forth the effort to do the grind all over again, so this gives them an avenue to be able to still play with their league no matter what side they are on.
    Whats everyons thoughs on this? Any other negatives that I'm missing (aside from the side specific feats that could be a problem)?
  2. Well, since we have to have yet another thread on the topic . . . . . I'm just going to cut-and-paste my responses from the other sections.
    I like the way SOE did it in EQ2: you can switch sides through a long series of mission chains. It takes some time, and therefore isn't a rapid back and forth.
    Unfortunately, that would take more Dev resources to implement. Unfortunately as well, I am as fond of a "Faction Change Token" as I am of the Faction and Race shifts in WoW.
    But since that microtransaction makes Blizzard some good money, I'd expect a Faction Change Cash Shop option to appear here not long after the power change tokens. Then we can all jump to the FOTM power together, and switch sides to the degree that they really might as well just drop the barrier between the two entirely. [IMG]
  3. Please be sure to verify that a topic does not exist already before posting a new thread. I would hate for feedback to be missed due to too many threads on the same subject :)
    Request for faction change service.

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