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  1. Lots of people are asking about the obvious imbalance between Hero or Villain Factions. Why not have a mission where you could do something incredibly evil to become or be accepted as a villain by lex luthor.
    Example you come into contact with Lex luthor as a hero and he says he wants you to prove your loyalty by kicking a bunch of members from your league or setting them up in open world to get slaughtered.
    Another example would be able to slaughter all of your fellow heroes in a certain area. You would be able to hit any hero and you wouldnt become a target unless you attacked them first.
    For Villains to become Heroes you would get in contact with Superman or Batman w/e and do some intel on your villain league to other hero leagues or maybe Start saving civilians or stopping bank heists.
    As for Faction based styles, once you've been accepted by the iconics to join their cause they would say we cant have you running around in this gear, these would suit you much better now; and they would replace those styles and feat names with Hero/Villain styles or feat names.
    It could be a week based covert operation of betrayal and you would never know when that person who you call friend is gonna stick a knife in your back. EPIC.
  2. FatalPhantom wrote:
    With the obvious imbalance of heroes and vilains, those kinds of missions you suggested should only be accessible to Heroes only. Have them all join the cool side of the pillow! Not the flat and sweaty side that's constantly used.
  3. Yes it would be nice if it were only an option for heroes to go bad but the game has to be balanced. I would say that there are alot more Heroes wanting to go bad than Villains wanting to go good.
    The hero is always the first pick for the newcomer, but once everyone gets their feet wet in the game, they will know where their allegiance lies.
  4. I'm opposed to this for one simple reason, every hero will do it and us villains who don't want to switch will be stuck with as crumy a community as the heros.
  5. BioincSkull wrote:
    Aren't you a villain? Arent you desciple of chaos and anarchy? Did Joker from the dark knight not reveal anything? If this happens there will be chaos throughout all of gotham and metropolis because not everything will be according to plan. The players wont be just physically battleing eachother but also mentally, having to trust their teammates and form deeper bonds with league mates and have their trust shattered before them.
  6. BioincSkull wrote:
    I don't remember if it was in Marvel or DC comics, but apparently, there exists two beings of judgement that would appear if the scale of morality spills in one side for too long. Say, if the scales tips way too much in the side of Good, an Ultimate Being would appear to bring balance back. And how does it do it? By destroying the excess Good Morality! And its the same vice versa.
    The devs can take advantage of doing such an event for these scenarios! Call it an "Emergency" Seasonal, if you will. For your concern about the balance in morality suddenly flipping way into Villainy, the same thing I said above. And yes, only the toons that were already made before this event happens can participate, not any new or Alt toons.
  7. Yarott wrote:
    The way i see it though is every person has a choice to grow up to be whatever person they choose to be. Some criminals grow up to be church going, big helps to the community ans so on. While others can be a hard working family man who snaps out of nowhere and murders his whole family and goes on a killing spree.
    Whether its from sickness/ a dilemma/ bad news/ hope/ desperately seeking change or whatever. Anyone or any superhero can change their moral standards all on their own without a divine-being intervention. Thats more of the realistic side of it, but it is also superheroes so that could be a possibility.
  8. FatalPhantom wrote:
    Eh, you know something? They should've replace the whole "Leveling Up Tutorial Arc" into something like InFamous.
  9. Never Say Never.
  10. rainbows wrote:
    ... as long as you don't sing about it.

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