fat body sizes.

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  1. give us the option to go fat. Like the little fat guys from the feed me im so hungry Trigon missions. I want to play with a little fat guy body shape. Just cause im a super hero dosnt mean i need to have abs
  2. KiddCryoSinEvil wrote:
    I'm sure you have a good idead in there somewhere just keep spewing all these bad ideas, eventually a good one will pop out I'm almost positive. I mean the law of averages are against it but 1 out of a 1000000 is still a chance. but seriously just wait to post it. I really don't want to read all your bad ideas... just show me the pearl. unless you think all these are pearls in which case just stop posting
  3. reemote11141978 wrote:
    Honestly, I think this is a good one. We don't have a lot of variety in body sizes and I think it would be cool to have.
    A fat body type would go perfect with a super bounce movement mode, haha.
  4. reemote11141978 wrote:
    but yet u read and comment in each one... nice ..stay on topic please.
  5. Jim Lee hates fatty heroes/villains.
  6. Gassius_Spray wrote:
    It's not that he hates them he only knows how 2 draw 1 body type 4 each gender, or face etc.
  7. Statman21 wrote:
    lol i wud actually pay to have that movement mode
  8. KiddCryoSinEvil wrote:
    SoE will not give fat body sizes they feel that Fat people arnt really people that they are freaks of nature and have no rights in todays society. to break it down SoE discriminates end of story
  9. You trying to set a record for most stupid threads created in one day? You quite possibly could win.
  10. jellie52418 wrote:
    how about staying on topic or feel free not to post. Thanks
  11. Why not have a fat style bouncing boy is fat.
  12. Just make some Snikers with the new consumable plans and pig out you will get fat soon enough.
  13. Vita_Dantis wrote:
    Sinkers? You mean Snickers?
  14. Devs make it happen!!!!!! I want to be a fatty!!!!!!!!
  15. SoylentBob wrote:
    yep you see this body style...well i want this as an option..make it happen
  16. In that case, I'm calling dibs.
    [IMG] dibs
    [IMG] dibs
    [IMG] dibs (devs, we need Panda Skin BTW)
    [IMG] dibs
    [IMG] dibs. I call. No erasies.
    [IMG][IMG] dibs
    [IMG] dibs
    [IMG] dibs
    [IMG][IMG] pass
    [IMG][IMG] dibs
    [IMG] Gibbs
  17. i think this is a silly idea and completely usless
    not surprised
  18. Yes please I want to make my fat albert toon, hey hey its fat Albert an I got a song for you.

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