Feat: On your Feet!!!

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  1. Im having some problems to do my last solo Hideout feat.

    On your Feet!
    Revive all the defeated Amazons in Circe's Hidden base.

    Circe's Hidden base, its the chinatown cafe, i just need to know how to revive amazons if when i come closer to amazons to revive, dont apear nothing to do, Even a E of action. I Finished the chinatown then i get the feat: Counselor.
    i need to know how to finish "On your Feet!" feat?
    Thank you to all.
  2. Any particular reason you "hid" so much of the text?
    It's not like there were any spoilers in there, and even so it's not like a solo mission in the game has some secret plot point that nobody knows.
  3. Kanniballl wrote:
    And now no one can pretend that it did. You've ruined all of our fun. For shame.
  4. Even if the "Hold E" thing doesn't come up, it often works if it's supposed to work on them. Give it a shot and see if you can do it that way. Otherwise, I dunno. I have a number of feats that don't seem to be completing for some reason, but I'm not SP grinding so I don't worry over it much.
  5. I also don't care much about feats for now. Enjoying leveling my characters.
    As I played Wonder Woman mentored characters I can say that feat can glitch sometimes. Either one of the Amazon ain't spawn or even if you get all you can't achieve feat. (Edit: Also sometimes the Amazons you need to rescue stand still and kneel after you pass them. So check big white spots on your map before exiting mission map)
    However if this is not your mission and you are duo it, be sure to get all Amazons yourself. If your partner gets one of them feat can't be completed. I don't know about other mentor missions but on several WW missions that happened to me while teamed with my brother (feats like Fire Sale, On your Feet or feat for collecting all nodes on level 30 Wonder Woman mission).
  6. on your feet= chinatown electronics and not china town cafe....
  7. You have alot of dark grey text in your post which is almost impossible to see.
  8. MrBabylon wrote:
    I LOL'd at this post
  9. i'm also having trouble with this, after I complete it there are some green spots on the map but there just dead ones?

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