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  1. Duragon Active Member

    So, seeing as a lot of us on DCUO are moving on to FFXIV, I wanted to throw out a proposition.

    Why not have all of us from DCUO join Phase 4 Beta on the same server. Our characters on this last phase will carry over to the game itself, so I thought why not have a linkshell (Free Company) and everyone join up. I thought this would be a good idea seeing as in FFXIV, being in a linkshell for endgame is almost (if not definitely) mandatory. I've always been on the Leviathan server (since FFXI). So, how about it?

    If you used to play DC, and are now (or will) be playing FFXIV, when you make your character in Phase 4 (or when it releases), lets all go into Leviathan server. I'll post my name when I finish creating my character, as will all of you when your done... so we can join up and start our linkshell (Free Company).

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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  2. Super red Active Member

    Goblin server
  3. Treat Well-Known Member

    Ive been on Cactuar
  4. Oddpodd Well-Known Member

    Sorry I am in the Excalibur server (I think).
  5. Duragon Active Member

    Awesome. In phase 4, all your data gets wiped. When you make a new character, pick Leviathan server. When you make your character, post your name in this thread.
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  6. Objeckt Well-Known Member

    Most of my league is going and a lot of friends outside of league.

    I was on Leviathan this weekend actually.
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  7. Duragon Active Member

    I know must of us are scattered now, but in Phase 4 all your data gets wiped. When we start a new character, choose Leviathan server and post your name here so I can grab all of us together.

    On a side note... what should our linkshell be called? lol.
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  8. Oddpodd Well-Known Member

    Sure why not. Just remember to keep this post active or make a new post when the game comes out.
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  9. Duragon Active Member

    aw man.. see, had I know before hand I would have looked you up. This weekend I made the trek with my Lv.15 ARC from Gradania or whatever to Ultuh so I could be a Thuramage. Extremely fun.
    15 archer, 9 thuramage, 5 pugilist (fun), 6 lancer, 3 gladiator (not as fun), 3 conjurer (meh). I couldn't get to that city with the marauder job :(
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  10. Duragon Active Member

    Dude, my town names are super-off, lol.
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  11. Duragon Active Member

    I'll be posting on here to see if anyone else posts or just to keep it active. I'll also be posting cool things I found out about quests or jobs.
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  12. Bee's Knees New Member

    Sounds good. I was on the Leviathan server myself :)
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  13. Objeckt Well-Known Member

    Nice i got up to 18 with pugilist. I liked it. Went to Gradania to learn my cure spell and it started giving me a lot of ideas for other builds. Stoked for this game. Seems like a lot of possibilities.
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  14. Duragon Active Member

    ... yea, we all need to get up. I'm actually excited to start. I hate the fact that the beta is still closed. I'm thinking we go Phase 4 at the beginning of August... giving us a month headstart? Anyone else? And does anyone think it will be closed right up until the release or do you think we'll get open before the release? :)
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  15. Objeckt Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure. People were saying late july/early aug probably for phase 4. If you preorder you get early access to the game so it might be a transition from phase 4 to early access to release.
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  16. Duragon Active Member

    Pugilist was very fun in the short time I played it. Massive damage. I like the fact that the powers combo with each other depending on the stance the previous power put you in. I also like the fact that you do more damage from the flank or rear with certain powers (reminded me of sneak attack on thief in FFXI).
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  17. Bee's Knees New Member

    I ended up getting my Marauder to Lvl 24…I really enjoyed the beta. Can't wait for release :)
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  18. Duragon Active Member

    I pre-purchased and got the collectors edition... the choco armor sold me.
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  19. Duragon Active Member

    man... you started as a marauder, right? I guess I can make another toon and try mararuder... it starts in a different city that I can't walk to yet, lol... I really need to do my airship pass quest.. but I will miss this entire weekend... going to Virginia to see family. My wife already told me I wasn't bringing the PS3... I even tried to tell her that it'll be good for the kids just incase they're bored.

    She didn't buy it. :(
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  20. Objeckt Well-Known Member

    Haha good attempt atleast
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