Fire bow DPS build help please!

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  1. I'm new to this game, and this is my first character: Fire, Bow, Acrobatic. I'm really wanting to be good at DPS, (I don't want adifferent class setup) so I was wondering if any of you could help me with a build ?

    I don't know what to add for my fire skills, or my bow skills. I'd really really appreciate it.
  2. if you actually take a look at the living death's DPS corner post here:
    It actually has a fair allocation of skill points in the skill trees. Although it does not help you with your power loadouts, I find it does help you learn about where to put your skill points to become a better DPS

    Have fun and welcome
  3. Thank you kindly <3.

    Just a question though. A lot of this is like mumbo jumbo to me, since I'm not familiar with the game yet.

    He says here: This equals 71 skill points without spec'ing into weapon you plan on using.

    (After showing his builds).
    So by "speccing into a weapon", does he mean without adding any skillpoints into the weapon skills? If so, would that mean I completely ignore them? Does it even let me take those weapon skillpoints and put them into my fire skill tree? -so confused-

    Also, I want to apologize. I understand how frustrating it can be to have to try to teach people things, and I also understand there are guides already made. I just feel that I need a really noob-centric, guide, for my class. That above link is great though. very helpful.
  4. Well you have 2 different kinds of points.
    There are power points which can only be put into your 2 fire trees and iconic powers.
    Then tere are skill points which you can put into Weapon Trees and your Movement tree.
    The 71 skill points that are referred to in the post that I linked are the minimum amount of skill points you need to unlock your innate abilities (I.e. critical chance, critical damage, might) in each tree, which means say if you plan to use a bow, you will need more than 71 skill points to unlock all the whole bow tree.
  5. Okay that makes sense. So basically the innates are unlocked once you get to the end of the tree? Also, there are only 30 levels, and thus far, I've only gotten 1 point a level. How do you get enough for 71?!
  6. lol, well I think it alternates when you level up between 1 power point and a skill point?
    You get a maximum of 15 power points which you get when you get to level 30.
    As for skill points, you can get up to I think 101 or something like that by completing a ton of feats. You can check on the feats that you need to complete to gain more skill points by opening up your menu section to deeds then open up your feat option. It's all listed and organized in there.
    It takes 100 feat points per 1 skill point. So once you reach level 30, basically you you grind for feat points and gear.
  7. I love you! This is exactly what I needed to know, and thanks for being patient. No more confusion for me. :)

    I would still adore a skill-order guide, from anyone who knows how to make a build out of my character <3
    (By skill order, I mean weapon/power point guide).
  8. Fire loadout i use for DPS from left to right is:
    Fiery Weapon, Meteor, Fireburst, Inferno, neovenom boost, and vacuum bubbme (you wont have this one because its from the flight tree)
    When i used the bow the combo i liked the most was the 3 Triangle taps and the Triangle hold... dont remember what it was called
  9. Thank you for your input. I will definitely check that out. :)

    What would I get instead of Vaccuum?
  10. Fireball barrage is a nice cone AOE Supercharge for DPS, its what i used to use, its really your best option as an acrobat, so id pick that one up
  11. oh and for combo's make sure your lighting the mobs on fire before you use your other powers... like inferno or meteor before casting fireburst on a group, it does more damage that way.
    a for some awesome damage i like to do
    Trinket->Fiery Weapon->Neo Venom->Inferno->Fireburst
    you'll be outta power after inferno, so if im not running with controllers i know can handle it i usually either pop a soda to finish this one off...

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