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  1. Hello everyone,
    I just wanted to get opinions or suggestions to fill out a spot on my power loadout bar. Right now my loadout consists of:
    1: Fireball
    2: Absorb Heat
    3: Immolation
    4: Flashpoint
    5: ________
    6: Fireball Barrage

    My main focus is pretty much burn enemies and then use Absorb Heat to both damage the enemies and heal myself. What power do guys think would work best as a fifth power?
    After I spent my power points on those powers, I spent the rest on Iconic Innate Powers: SS, Nanoweave, Powerful Resistance, Wisdom of Solomon, Weapons Expert and Tactical Genius. This leaves me with 4 power points and I can't decide where to put it best. Snuff Out seems like the perfect power finisher but I need to spend 3 of the power points to get it and I was considering putting it some of it on the other Iconic Innate Powers like Intimidating Gaze, Miracle Worker and Empathic Healing (I'm not quite sure if this helps me since I am not sure if it actually gives me a higher chance of critical healing myself, which can be helpful since I use Absorb Heat a lot). I won't be tanking soon but with the current changes to Dominance, I am not sure if it becomes essential to DPSers as well.
    I am open to suggestions and any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I m gonna leave the dps question to the fire pros.

    But the first flaw I found with your build is that you using handblaster. Don't use handblaster for dps or anything, its is sucks. I m sure some of the pros will say use a bow, or riffle. Ever since i switch'd to a bow my dps has gone up significantly.

    edit: Also it might be helpful to specify where you plan on dpsing. Because a duo dps build will a little different from a raid dps build, because a good raid will have a healer while in a duo you will need to rely more on self heals.
  3. rfx45 wrote:
    Hand Blasters are fine for some classes (Healer/Troller) because it has a rather easy way to get your hit counter up. (The lightning attack)
    As for DPS, it's not exactly spectacular. Starting out most would recommend ranged (Rifle or Bow) and as you advance you can use Melee (Duel Weild, One Handed - I say as you advance because Melee DPS will take a lot more damage and will need to be a lot more diligent in observing the enemies and knowing when to get the heck outta the way)
    As for powers. Your build is more of a solo-build as you are using self heals. For group instances (Alerts, Raids) it would not be advisable.
    I recommend
    Fiery Weapon: Increases your Crit Chance/Damage
    Fireburst: Not the quickest and requires you be closer to the target but does a great amount of damage to multiple targets
    Inferno: Power drain, but quick and easy way to set them on fire. Not necessary, you could use a combo of Fireball + Wildfire or Immolation + Flashpoint or even Enflame.
    Mass Detonation: Slow and a bit hit or miss. It can do spectacular damage or fail spectacularly. Best for groups
    Fireball Barrage: Great 50% supercharge. Best when used after Fiery Weapon.
    The last is up to you. I sometimes use backdraft, sometimes Burning Determination, heck sometimes Phase Dodge or Whirling Dervish (For PvP - Superspeed skills)
    As DPS you want to focus on your Crit Damage Chance/Crit Damage Amount in your weapon skill trees as well as Iconic skills (Weapons Expert and Tactical Genius)
    In fact. I generally only take those two iconic in DPS mode due to having to use all the rest to go down the trees for Inferno + Mass Det.
  4. Thanks for the advice and help.
    The only thing I don't want to change is the weapon because that just goes with my character and I actually like using it, just more fun for me than just spamming the same attacks with the other weapons. So for now, unless I am extremely inneffective, I'll stick with it.
    As for the powers, yah I figure it is mostly solo-centric but from experience, there are plenty of trollers who can't keep the healers healing and thus result in my death. I guess I just like seeing my hp bar full as much as possible and absorb heat helps with that but I am willing to try other things so I'll give some of those a shot.
    As for Inferno, I am not sure if the Skill Planner is outdated or what but I can't find it in there. Might be going blind too.
    I'll probably avoid Backdraft since it pulls enemies.
    from re-arranging everything based on your suggestions, I end up with a selection of Fireball, Absorb Heat, Fireball Barrage, Wildfire, Fireburst, Immolation, Flashpoint, Reignition and Fiery Weapon. That still leave me with some power for SS, Nanoweave, PR, WoS, WE & TG from the Iconic Innate Powers. My loadout will likely look like this:
    1: Fireball
    2: Immolation
    3: Flashpoint
    4: Fireburst
    5: Fiery Weapon
    6: Fireball Barrage
    1: Fireball
    2: Wildfire
    3: Fireburst
    4: Fiery Weapon
    5: Absorb Heat
    6: Fireball Barrage

    What do you think, decent enough? I'll see how that goes.
    I've also invested my skill points on crit dmg and crit chance but I did focus on might first, practically maxed out on that.
    Thanks again for the help! I guess time to resspec again.

    Any other help or suggestion is still appreciated so if anyone has any more ideas, I am willing to try them all out.
  5. rfx45 wrote:
  6. Appreciate the feedback. My focus is for Alerts and Raids, so far ont he alerts and raids I've done, i've done well enough. Could always use more damage so the tips would really help.
    And for some odd reason, I just can't find Inferno. Mass Detonation is on the Ignition tree all the way down. So it must be in the Immolation tree but the Skill Planner shows Immolation => Flashpoint => Fiery Weapon => Arbiter of Destiny. Maybe it is just outdated and they changed the name? I did notice that some innate benefits in the weapon tree is describe to give +25 hp while in-game it is just +15. So maybe Inferno = Arbiter of Destiny?
  7. rfx45 wrote:
    Ah right. Skill planner is incorrect. Arbiter of Destiny isn't a fire skill at all. What's supposed to be there is Inferno.
  8. theendzeit wrote:
    Thanks for the link, I was searching but that function is a bit wonky in this forum.
    Out of those 3 weapons, I might try dual pistols, I guess I'd have to see.

    And after looking at that link, I might do some adjustments to include Inferno seems vital to most. Would this be a better loadout?
    1. Fireball
    2. Wildfire
    3. Absorb Heat/Flashpoint
    4. Fiery Weapon
    5. Inferno
    6. Fireball Barrage

    I didn't like Fireburst since it takes way too long and keeps getting interrupted. Also, I know anyone rarely uses absorb heat but keep in mind, even though I am trying to make this build about HA and raids, I am still mainly pugging at this point so it is hard to rely on trollers and healers doing their job well. I actually queued on Arkham last night and got stuck with a troller that just started and AH actually saved me a few times. Still experimenting though so if any tweaks would help, just let me know.

    Thanks again.
  9. Changed my loadout again.
    1. Fireball
    2. Flashpoint
    3. Fiery Weapon
    4. Mass Detonation
    5. Inferno
    6. Fireball Barrage

    And tesseract, now I know what you meant by "failing spectacularly" with Mass Detonation. Good power but it takes time and I have to make sure I'm at the right place at the right time.
    I kept flashpoint because I notice I need a close range aoe and it goes perfect with handblaster fist slam. Works well as a Inferno => Flashpoint => Fist Slam combo too.
    Thinking of changing of changing fireball, it's an ok long range power that sets enemies on fire but I want/need something better, a long range with more dmg. I don't think detonate is any better and absorb heat takes a bit of power and seems useless unless I set the enemy on fire first.

    Quick question though, is this a pretty good combo?
    Inferno => FW => MD
    Or is FW pretty useless there? I'm also consdiering:
    Inferno => FW => Fireball Barrage for a single boss attack/dmg.

    Opinions? Further tips?
  10. FW > inferno > mass det

    Try and keep you % in order
    Don't cancel a high one for a lower one.
  11. NVM, I think I got what you meant.
    Inferno shouldn't cancel out the crit% increase of FW though, right?
    Thanks for the tip.
  12. rfx45 wrote:
    No, You will get the added bonus from FW to your inferno and everything else used while the buff is active.
  13. Cool, got to keep that in mind.
    Thanks again.
  14. Not sure it it's been said but i assume it has in here already but hand blasters are terrible for DPS, Try bow or rifle.
  15. lol
    Yah it's been mentioned but to be honest, I don't mind since I think it works best for my character. I am considering it all though but mainly dual pistols. I just can't find a decent one yet, if I see one of those weapons in purple, I'll be "need"ing them.
  16. Looks like I'll replace fireball with absorb heat. Just can't get rid of that power. lol It works well with FW + Inferno too, long range w/ decent dmg plus extra crits & heals.
    So far combo is FW + Inferno + Mass Det + Absorb Heat
    FW + Inferno + Fireball Barrage + Absorb Heat or Mass Det

    I think it's pretty solid minus the weapon choice.
  17. As a dps you should not worry about self heals at all. In a raid/alert a healer will not expect you to self heal. They will expect you to kill things. Absorb heat's long cast locks you in and the damage you get for it just isn't worth it. As for a replacement, try meteor or fireburst.
  18. Thanks for the tip. I don't like Meteor or Fireburst though just because I want something quick and fast dmg on that slot for a single target. Meteor has to be picked up and thrown and Fireburst just takes too long and can be interrupted. Right now, seems like Absorb Heat works because it's quick w/ decent damage and the self heal is just a plus really.
    I also notice that even though it locks me into the animation, it doesn't dmg me much from the mobs during that time. I haven't experienced where that has become a problem, yet. I just try not to use it on certain enemies/bosses like Adams Giganta phase in Kahndaq, if I use it and he lunges at me it's instant death.
    I wish there was another power like Fireball, just quick and fast, but slightly more powerful.
  19. Just want to say thanks for all the help.
    Finally finished FOS1 and actually finished with the most damage, not by a big lead but a definite big improvement from before.

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